2016 Undergraduate Research Conference

Zombies, Cybors and Other Monstrosities of Real and Imagined Worlds


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The 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference Winner:

Ethan L. Gross and Sarah T. Gross, co-presenters for their contribution to the gallery, the literary reading, and their exploration of monstrosity & humanity in their interdisciplinary and collaborative presentation titled “Origin of Monsters: Descent of Creator and Creation into Madness”. Their abstract: A collection of poetry, consisting of nine poems, which tells a compelling tale of humanity's eternal struggle with itself. Philosophical undertones are abound in this collection, creating a thought-provoking narrative demanding critical analysis and reflection. Accompanying this abstract poetry is a group of hand-sketched illustrations, designed to provide several artistic interpretations of how humanity has depicted monsters. These sketches are conveniently displayed for viewers on a section of corkboard.


Digital Anthology

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