Criminal Justice Course Rotation

Course NameCourse Type
CRIJ 3310 Foundations of Criminal Justice Face to Face/Online
CRIJ 3316 Ethics of Social Control Face to Face/Online
CRIJ 3324 Research Methods in Criminal Justice I Face to Face/Online
Course NameCourse Type
CRIJ 3314 Criminal Justice Administration Face to Face/Online
CRIJ 3318 Criminology Face to Face/Online
CRIJ 4320 Senior Seminar Online

Note: CRIJ 4424 Research Methods in Criminal Justice II is no longer required and can be replaced with any upper division CRIJ elective.


MAIS Concentration Requirements

SemesterCourse NameCourse Type
Fall Year 1 CRIJ 6330 Advanced Criminology Face to Face
Spring Year 1 CRIJ 6310 Advanced Patterns and Typologies Face to Face
Fall Year 2 CRIJ 6321 Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice Face to Face
Spring Year 2 CRIJ 6320 Research Design and Analysis Face to Face