Online Learning at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

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Life keeps you busy. We understand. Yet, life is also demanding that you have the right skills and the right degree to move forward and upward. Online learning at the UHV College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences was developed with your life in mind.

Online Learning Is Made for You.

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  • Flexible – Work around your schedule; learn from wherever it makes the most sense for you.
  • Affordable –Save money with our affordable tuition; save money and time on transportation; save on time period.
  • Easy to use –You’re on your computer, tablet, or mobile device a good portion of your day or maybe you’re not; either way, we’ve made it easy for you access, navigate, and learn online. 

High Academic Quality. Same Degree as the Traditional On-Campus Experience.

More and more students are turning to online learning experiences. Not every online degree is the same, but at UHV, we have always prided ourselves on our high standards of academic excellence. Our online programs are no different than our traditional campus degrees when it comes to quality. We’ve eliminated all the fuss of the obstacles that have kept you from getting your degree but have kept all the must-haves that make our degrees top-notch. Are you all in? Apply now.

Seeing Is Believing.

Learn for yourself why we believe the online degree might just be the right fit for you. Would you like some additional information to better understand how it works? Request more information, and we'll help turn you into online believers. 

The University of Houston-Victoria psychology program recently was ranked by Open Education Database as one of the top online undergraduate psychology programs in the nation.  Open Education Database based its ranking calculations on the quantifiable factors it thinks contribute to the ideal online learning experience – cost, full-time to part-time faculty ratio, financial aid, program acceptance, accreditation and more.  The UHV College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences program was ranked No. 9 on the national list in part because of its low tuition rates, the number of full-time faculty and financial aid assistance for students. 

Start Your Education.

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UHV College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has what you need and is the campus you want to grow your dreams. Get started on your educational dreams now and apply today.