Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) Policies

Admissions: In addition to meeting university requirements for a graduate degree, prospective MAIS students must submit a 1-page essay that states the reasons for applying to the MAIS program and their career goals.

Degree plan: Students should have a signed degree plan by the end of their first semester of admission to the program.

Core courses:

  • Students must have 9 hours of core courses, including INDS 6312, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • INDS 6312 should be taken no later than the student’s first semester in the program.
  • INDS 6312 can be repeated only once for a higher grade.
  • The other six hours can be taken from: INDS 6324 – Ethics; INDS 6326 - Social Philosophy; INDS 6328 – Philosophy of Science; INDS 6305 – IDS Research.

Minimal grades: For all students admitted after the summer of 2006, only A and B final grades can be counted for degree credit.

INDS 6305: Interdisciplinary Research Project: This course requires the recommendation of the instructor and cannot be taken without a proposal already approved by the instructor of record or the supervisor of the project. This course will be scheduled as needed.

Contact Info:

Please contact Arts and Sciences for more information.