Interdisciplinary Studies

Biological Sciences Concentration

Biomedical Science (BMS) is the application of biological sciences to medical use, be it research, diagnostics, health monitoring or treatment. As medicine and healthcare becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled biomedical scientists capable of innovating, performing and analyzing a battery of scientific procedures to diagnose, screen, maintain and improve human health. This degree concentration further prepares the pre-health professional (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharm) student to obtain entry into health professional schools.

Sample of courses offered in the Biomedical Science Concentration:

  • BIMS 6311: Biochemistry
  • BIMS 6313: Cell & Molecular Biology
  • BIMS 6314: Scientific Communications
  • BIMS 6315: Physiology
  • BIMS 6316: Biostatistics
  • BIMS 6317: Bio Ethics
  • BIMS 6321: Pharmacology & Toxicology

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