Degree Plan

MFA Creative Writing


  • Approved University Admission
  • 1 – 2 page Letter for Admission to Graduate Creative Writing Program
  • Letter of Recommendation #1
  • Letter of Recommendation #2
  • 20 – 30 page Creative Writing Sample
  • Official GRE Data
  • Minimum Graduate Index score of 980 or higher
  • *Formal Admission to the MFA Creative Writing Program

Student should submit admission criteria to Office of Admissions and Records

Office of Admissions and Records collates criteria and sends it to School for review after Student submits all criteria.

Creative Writing Core – 12 semester hours

Graduate Writing Workshop: 12 semester hours (4 sections) Choose from ENGL 6360, ENGL 6361, ENGL 6363, ENGL 6364

ENGL 6333 Form and Poetics – 3 semester hours

Elective Courses – 15 semester hours

Students select a minimum of five elective courses, fifteen semester hours, which may include the following PUBL (Publishing) or ENGL (English) courses:

PUBL 6310 Introduction to Publishing

PUBL 6312 Publication Design

PUBL 6314 Legal Environment of Publishing and Contracts

PUBL 6316 Style and Editing

PUBL 6318 Digital Publishing

ENGL 6300 Selected Topics in English

ENGL 6330 British Literary History

ENGL 6332 American Literary History

ENGL 6340 Literary Theory

ENGL 6350 Genre Studies

ENGL 6362 Studies in Latino Literature

PUBL 6320 The Business of Books

MFA Thesis – 6 semester hours

ENGL 6308 MFA Thesis

ENGL 6308 MFA Thesis

The three credit hour course must be taken for two semesters for a total of six credit hours. The MFA thesis is a book length work of literary merit. While individual theses will vary in length, the program has established guidelines of 50 pages for poetry, 100 - 125 pages for short fiction, and 150 pages and up for a novel. Students must complete at least 24 hours of coursework before requesting a thesis director.