Graduate Psychology Programs

Admission Policies and Procedures

The School of Arts and Sciences follows specific admission procedures for the Master of Arts degrees in Counseling, Forensic, and School Psychology.  Admissions requirements are based on an evaluation by the program’s admission committee of the following information:

  1.  A 1-2 page essay that states the applicant’s reasons for applying to the program and the applicant’s career goals.
  2. One Letter of Recommendation (including the Graduate Recommendation Form for Graduate Psychology Programs) from a non-UHV, non-family source.
  3.  Evidence of having completed undergraduate or graduate courses in statistics, research, and abnormal psychology with a C or better.  A particular course will be waived as a requirement if the student passes a comprehensive final or its equivalent for the designated courses with a grade of C or better.  The exam may be taken no more than once for a particular course.
  4. Graduate Admissions Index of 980 or above. Official GRE General Test scores are required in order to calculate your Admissions Index.
  5. Graduate Studies Form indicating the program for which you are applying.
  6. Official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions from every institution previously attended.
  7. An interview with UHV graduate faculty in psychology.

All applications must be completed by February 15 to be considered for admission for the fall of that year.  Students may start the psychology M.A. programs only during the fall semester. 

Applicants may log into their MyUHV student service center and check their To Do List for outstanding requirements that must be met before their application can be reviewed.

The Psychology Department M.A. programs will not allow students to have Temporary Graduate Student status.  All students must gain entry to a Psychology M.A. program in Counseling, Forensic, or School Psychology through the admission procedures listed above.