Degree Plan

MS Computer Science

Admission Criteria

  • Approved University Admission to Graduate Studies
  • Official Transcripts )must include Undergraduate degree)
  • A resume reflecting work experience and educational background
  • 1 – 2 page Essay for Admission to Graduate Computer Science Program
  • Calculus/Discrete Structures/Discrete Mathematics – Grade C or better
  • Statistics – Grade C or better
  • 6 s.h. of programming and data structures – Grade C or better
  • Official GRE Data (or transcript with graduate-level degree or higher)
  • Minimum Graduate Index score of 980 or higher
  • *Formal Admission to the Computer Science Program

Students should submit official transcripts and GRE scores to the Office of Admissions. Program specific requirements such as essays, letter of recommendation, resumes, and/or writing samples should be submitted directly to Graduate Admissions.

Core – 12 semester hours

  • COSC 6340 Computer Architecture 
  • COSC 6339 Network Design and Management
  • COSC 6345 Design and Analysis or Algorithms
  • COSC 6346 Automata and Formal Languages

Specialization – 18 - 24 semester hours

24 s.h. of Specialization coursework is required. Students may choose from the listed courses or choose any COSC or GMNG courses from the currently approved graduate course catalog. Only 18 s.h. is required if Thesis option is chosen.

  • COSC 6300 Special Topics in CS/IS
  • COSC 6302 Independent Study
  • COSC 6305 Computer Science Internship
  • COSC 6310 Multimedia Development and Programming
  • COSC 6329 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • COSC 6334 Computer Graphics and Game User Interfaces
  • COSC 6335 Computational Sciences
  • COSC 6336 Database Systems and Development
  • COSC 6340 Computer System Architecture
  • COSC 6341 Internet Programming
  • COSC 6342 Software Engineering Project Management
  • COSC 6343 Intelligent Agent Application
  • COSC 6351 Decision Support Systems
  • COSC 6357 Web Engineering
  • COSC 6358 Advanced Operating System Concepts
  • COSC 6359 Cloud Computing
  • GMNG 6311 Fundamentals of 3D Modeling
  • GMNG 6314 Fundamentals of Game Networks
  • GMNG 6316 Advanced Level Design
  • GMNG 6322 Intelligent Agents for Games
  • GMNG 6343 Artificial Intelligence for Games

Thesis – 0 - 6 semester hours

  • COSC 6308 Computer Science Master’s Thesis
  • COSC 6309 Computer Science Master’s Thesis

Students must complete 6 thesis semester hours (COSC 6308 and COSC 6309). This option is available for academically strong students wishing to advance their knowledge and making a contribution in a particular area of computer science or mathematics. Approval for the thesis option by a thesis advisor and a minimum overall "B" average in the program is required. Students approved for a thesis will register for the courses, typically doing two consecutive semesters in their second year of studies.