Rogerio DaSilva

Rogerio DaSilva

Rogerio DaSilva, Ph.D.
Director of Digital Gaming program
Assistant Professor of Gaming and Computer Science
Phone: (361) 570-4204

Professor Da Silva is responsible for teaching several courses regarding CS and Gaming curricula. mostly involving concepts on programming and computer graphics. In terms of research, he is interested in studying synthetic characters and affective computing.

Synthetic characters means incorporating Psychology-inspired computational models to autonomous (embodied or not) characters decision-processes. Some possible applications of this are: non-player characters, virtual humans, and robotics.

Affective computing means to study computing that relates to, arises from, or influences emotions. It aims at developing better human-computer interaction systems in a more natural user-friendly manner.

Other than that, professor Da Silva is interested in working with several extra curricular initiatives to deepen students' engagement with computer science and gaming. Some examples are the international collegiate programming contest (ICPC/ACM) and the global game jam (GGJ).