Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Mark Ward, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication
Phone: (361) 570-4256

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Mark Ward Sr earned his PhD in rhetorical and communication studies from Clemson University and joined the UHV faculty in 2010. In 2018 he was named the university’s scholar of the year when he received the Research and Scholarly Activity Excellence Award. Dr Ward uses ethnography of communication to research religious organizations and media, and serves on the Executive Council of the Religious Communication Association (RCA) and Editorial Board of the Journal of Communication and Religion. His work has been published in numerous journals and book chapters, and his ethnography of evangelical media was named 2014 Article of the Year by RCA. He is editor of the two-volume series, The Electronic Church in the Digital Age: Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media (Praeger, 2016), for which he received the 2017 Clifford G. Christians Ethics Research Award, and author of The Lord’s Radio: Gospel Music Broadcasting and the Making of Evangelical Culture (McFarland, 2017). Dr Ward has been quoted by The New York Times, Politico, Bloomberg, ABC News, Associated Press, Religion News Service, and other media outlets as an expert on televangelism. His interest in organization studies is also seen as coauthor of the textbook Organizational Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice (FlatWorld, 2015) and author of Deadly Documents (Routledge, 2014), an organizational ethnography of the Holocaust through analyses of Nazi bureaucratic documents. His professional memberships include RCA, the National Communication Association, the Southern States Communication Association, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Before entering academe, Dr Ward was communications director and journal editor for several national and international nonprofits and industry trade associations, and he continues to write regularly as an independent business journalist. His media experience ranges from local radio announcer to national radio syndication.

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