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University of Houston-Victoria



2015-16 Donors

UHV appreciates all of the 2015-2016 donors who continue to make its successes possible:

Ms. Olubukola Esther Adebanjo
Ms. Kristin Adolphus
Ms. Adeyinka A. Afolabi
Agess LLC
Ms. Farah J. Alali
Alamo Concrete
Ms. Amanda Alaniz
Albert E. & Myrtle Gunn York Trust
Alcoa Foundation
All Things Crossroads Magazine
Allbat Inc. Interstate Battery Center
Alpha Delta Kappa Delta Mu Chapter
The Honorable Emett Alvarez Jr.
Anderson, Smith, Null & Stofer LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Anderson
Ms. Shalima Anwar
Mr. Leslie D. Arnold
Mr. Wesley Trent Ates
Ms. Cristina Aurora Avila
Ms. Hanan Mohammad Awad
Mr. Seth Wayne Bailey
Dr. Sharon M. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Baldwin
Ms. Tanya Ballez
Ms. Simone Brianna Barger
Ms. Sally Aman and Mr. Mark Barnes
Ms. Paola Andrea Barona
Mrs. Debra and Mr. David Baros

Mrs. Lisa Barr
Mrs. Renee H. Barry
Ms. Caitlin Bartosh
Ms. Subashini Basavaraju

Mr. Harry Bashaw

Mr. Yahya M. Basheer

Ms. Lashon Vanette Battles-Williams

Ms. Crystal Bauder

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bauer, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Bauknight

Mr. Martin A. Bautista

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Bego
Dr. Justin Bell
Ms. Perla Beltran
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Beran
Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. Berger

Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia

Mr. Jatin Kiran Bhatt

BHN Cleaning LLC dba Royal Cleaners
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bierman
Ms. Margaret Bishop
Bloomberg Businessweek
Mr. Neal W. Bloss

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Bohner
Ms. Valree Jeanetta Booker
Ms. Mary Kay Borchers
Ms. Eileen A. Borwell
Mrs. Vickie U. Botello
Mr. Charles Andrew Boyajian
Ms. Diane Lee Boyett
Brannan Paving Co. Inc.

Mr. Raphael Breda

Mrs. Charlsie Joan Bremer

Mr. Pat Bridge
Bright Idea Media
Ms. Donna Brinegar
Ms. Kaleb L. Briscoe
Mr. Caleb Bronnenberg
Ms. Marnie Brown Torr
Ms. Erika Brown
Ms. Kamilah J. Brown

Mr. Donald Brunell
Ms. Andrika S. Buckner
Mrs. Bette-jo Buhler
Ms. Amy Burrows
Ms. Zoeann Byerly

Dr. Alan Byrd
Ms. Jazmine Cabrera
Mr. Jose Luis Cabrera

Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Calvo

Mr. Ab Campos

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Cano
Canteen Victoria
Ms. Jessica Marie Cantu
Ms. Nanette Carroll
Dr. Susanne and Mr. Randy Carroll
Mrs. Wanda Carter-Dyer

Dr. Jeffrey D. Cass
Ms. Maria Castro
Mr. Nelson Castro
Mr. Sean Michael Cawthon
Ms. Meagan E. Chacon
Ms. Earline Chapa
Dr. Chien Ping Chen
Dr. Wei-Chih Chiang

Chick-fil-A Whispering Creek

Mr. Zachary James Chinowith
Ms. Anne Chisholm
Ms. Debbie Chong
Ms. Afreen Chowdhury

Ms. Crystal Samantha Christie
Citizens Medical Center
CivilCorp LLC
Ms. Vadrian Lenel Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clegg
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cliburn

Dr. Peggy A. Cloninger

Cloyde and Ethel Lee Tracy Foundation

Mr. Chris and Ms. Paula L. Cobler

Dr. and Mrs. David Cockrum
Ms. Molly A. Coffman
Coldwell Banker/The Ron Brown Co.

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Coleman

Colony Creek Ladies Golf Association

Colony Creek Men’s Golf Association
Community Bank of Victoria
Ms. Barbara Conitz
Ms. Stephanie Dawn Contreras
Ms. Modesti Jyvonne Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Correll

Ms. Elizabeth Ann Corte

Ms. Samantha Jo Coulter

Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Dr. Gary F. and Mrs. Mary Cox
Ms. Veronica D. Crabb
Ms. Amanda Ashley Craighead
Ms. Melanie Crider
Ms. Gail D. Crockett

Ms. Hannah E. Crone

Crossroads Progressive Voices
Crossroads Title Co.
Mr. Micheal Brandon Crouch

Ms. Loralinda Cruz
Ms. Kimberly N. Curlee
Ms. Hiyam Christina Dadoush
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dalrymple
Ms. Maily Dang
Ms. Dansowaa Darko
Mr. Justin Michael Davidson
Ms. Jerica Megan Davila
Mr. Darine Dewayne Davis

Mr. Kyle Davison-Gordon
De Leon Club of Victoria
Ms. Ruby Louise Dean

Mr. Bob Decker

Decora Study Club

Ms. Tanya Debose
Ms. Beth R. Deckert
Ms. Sonia DelBosque

Ms. Maria Diaz DeLeon

Ms. Treysi Diaz Deleon

Mr. William David Deleon

Ms. Mary Densman
Dewitt Poth & Son
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Nina Di Leo
Ms. Haley Rosalinda Diaz
Dickson-Allen Foundation
Ms. Camilla R. Dixon
Ms. Aileen Ligot Dizon
Mr. Justin Dominguez

Double J Eatery

Drop It and Lock It

Ms. Devon Vera Dueser
Ms. Kala Dumont
Ms. Kati Rene Durham
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Easton

Mr. Paul A. Ebner

Ms. Robin Caressa Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Elder
Mr. Roberto Elizalde

Ms. Lauren Emerson

Equalizer Inc.
Mr. Eugene John Eschmann III
Ms. May Eskandar
Ms. Olivia Espinoza
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fanelli

Mr. Randall J. Faulk
Ms. Lorena D. Fawcett
Mr. Charles M. Fawkes
Mrs. Elsie H. Felder

Mr. Joseph S. Ferguson

First State Bank
Ms. Vikki A. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Caitlin Joy Reinecke Flores
Mr. Jose Alfredo Flores

Ms. Kaycee Marie Flores

Ms. Lisa Marie Flores
Formosa Plastics Corp. Texas
Mr. Brian Foulger
Mr. Steven Foulger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. French
Ms. Samantha Fay Friar
Ms. Jamie D. Friedrichs
Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. Fry
Dr. Jane F. Fry

Mrs. Sherrie Lynn Frye

G. W. Wheeler & Sons Plumbers
Mr. Larry Dale Gable
Ms. Melanie Jesus Galdamez

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Galvan
Mr. Eric D. Gammon
Mr. Daniel Gaona
Mr. Leonardo D. Garcia Sanchez
Ms. Jessica Christine Garcia
Ms. Kate Garcia
Ms. Millie Garcia
Mrs. Yvonne H. Garcia

Ms. Josefa Margarita Garcia-Meza
Ms. Diana Garza
Ms. Joanna Marie Garza
Dr. Xavier Garza-Gomez
Ms. Deborah L. George
Mr. Perry Frank Geryk
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Gietz
Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Gleinser

Mrs. Brittany Gleinser-Baker

Mr. Shaye A. Gohlke
Goldman, Hunt & Notz
Mr. George Loy Gonzalez
Mr. Raymond Gonzalez

Ms. Melissa Renee Gonzales-Carlson

Mr. David Gordon

Mr. Kyle Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Grahmann
Ms. Kathryn T. Green
Mrs. Linda Gail Greenwalt
Mrs. Rosemary G. Grimes
Mr. Amory Gritta
Ms. Madison Wiest Guerrero
Ms. April Marie Guevara
Ms. Carlicia Sharee Guidry
Gulf International Trucks
Dr. Hongyu Guo
Ms. Christina Alyssa Gutierrez
Ms. Yasmin Guzman
H-E-B Grocery Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Haeber

Ms. Theresa Lynn Hairell

Hall Electric Co. Inc.
Ms. Christin Hall
Mr. Reece Hannigan
Mr. Epsen Hansen
Hardin Tubular Sales Inc.
Ms. Miriam Nicole Harris
Dr. and Mr. Linda A. Hayes
Heavy Construction Systems Specialists Inc.
Mr. Douglas Heinold
Mr. Thomas Benjamin Helgoth
Ms. Debbie Hennessey
Ms. Georgia Hennessey
Mr. and Mrs. Clint R. Hensley
Ms. Ludmi V. Herath
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Hermes
Mr. Christopher Lupe Hernandez

Ms. Jannet Daniela Hernandez
Ms. Tracey Lynn Hernandez
Dr. James E. Higgins
Higher One Inc.
Mr. Frank E. Hillyard
Mr. and Mrs. Edilberto Hinojosa
Ms. Valeria Hinojosa

Ms. Lydia Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Allen Hodon
Ms. Beverley A. Hoerig
Dr. W. Lawrence Hogue
Ms. Christine Melanie Hollinden

Mr. James N. Holm

Ms. Briana Jentisha Holmes

Mr. Sadad Hossain
Hotel Icon
Houston Area Consortium of Career Centers
The Houston Astros
Mr. Randall Alexander Hrechko
Mr. Mark D. Hrncir
Hudson’s Engraving
Ms. Megan Amber Huerta

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hummel

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt
Mr. J. Truett Hunt (deceased)
Ms. Kathy Hunt
Ms. Tina Marie Hunter
Ms. Janet Hutson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hyde
Ms. Patricia Lynn Imes
Mr. Jeffrey Landon Irwin
Ms. Ngozi Olivia Izulu

Ms. Carolyn Hunt Jackson
Jacobs Charitable Foundation
Jacobs Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Claud B. Jacobs
James Teleco
Ms. Paula F. James
Mr. Sam James
Janecka Insurance Agency
Ms. Mary Therese Janis
Janssen Lease Service Inc.
Dr. Theresa L. Jeevanjee
Ms. Marilyn Rose Jendrusch
Ms. Caitlyn Elizabeth Jennings
Ms. Danette Jernigan
Ms. Ida L. Jimenez
Mr. and Mrs. K. Arvid Johanson Jr.
John P. McGovern Foundation

M. G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation Inc.
Ms. Keysha C. Johnson
Ms. Kimberly Johnson

Ms. Mareesa P. Johnson
Dr. Robert Ralph Johnson
Ms. Ronica Lynn Johnson

Ms. Yvonne Welborn Johse

Mr. O.F. Jones III

Ms. Hortense Joyce

Ms. Debbie Jozwiak

Jung Tile Services Inc.
Ms. Sherry Kloesel Kainer
Ms. Carol A. Keeney
Mrs. Doreta Keith
Mr. Lane Keller and Mrs. Phyllis Keller

Miss Ashleigh N. Kellis-Carr

Mrs. Kristi W. Kennedy

Mrs. Ernestine Kidder

Ms. Sheri K. Kinnison
klean corp international
Mr. William James Knight

Ms. Lisa Knipling
Mrs. Cynthia V. Knobles
Dr. Ronny Knox
Ms. Maria Gonzalez Kocian

Mrs. Maria Evangeline A. Kolesar

Mrs. Barbara C. Kolodzie

Ms. Virginie Kouamou
Ms. Stephanie Ann Kranich
Mr. and Mrs. Doug G. Krenek

Ms. Errin Rene Kunai

Ms. Paula Jean Kutchka
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Kuykendall
Dr. Suzanne and Mr. Larry LaBrecque

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lack
Mr. Billy Lagal
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Lambert
Mr. Wiston Lamshing
Mr. Karlton Land
Landmark Residential Construction Ltd.
Mr. Tony and Mrs. Faye Landry
Ms. YaYa Lara

Mr. James Robert Latimer

Mr. Dalton Sellars Lauck

Lauger Companies Inc.
Mrs. Lori J. Lawrence
Ms. Janet Leatherwood
Leaves of Grass Fund
Mrs. Leslee Lee
Dr. Yong-Gyo Lee
Ms. Katherine L. Leer
Ms. Emily Brooke Leopold
Dr. Teresa A. LeSage Clements
Ms. Sandra Hunter Lesley
Ms. Lauren Leslie
Ms. Christi Lester
Mr. Darwin Joseph Lewis
Lighthouse Development Resources
Dr. and Mrs. Freddie W. Litton
Mrs. Karen S. Locher
Lodestone Financial Services Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Loeb Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Louis Lopez
Ms. Jessica Christine Loya
Ms. Sonia Veronica Lozano
Ms. Xin Luo
Ms. Emily Lupton
Ms. Donna Lutz
Ms. Kyna Lynott
Mr. and Mrs. Lana Eilidh MacAskill
Ms. Amber Dawn Machacek
Mr. Brandon Maddox
Ms. Hayde Maldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Ronn Mallory
Mr. Joyeb I. Maredia
Ms. Linda Anders Marek
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Marshall
Ms. Cindy Martinez
Mr. Daniel Martinez
Mr. Joseph Martinez
Ms. Rachel A. Martinez
Mr. Paul Martiz
Mass Mutual South Texas
Mrs. Kendra L. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Mayes
Ms. Destiny Mayfield
Ms. Mitzi Lynn McAfee
Mr. Larry F. McCaffery
Ms. Denise McCue
Ms. Rosemary A. McCusker
Mr. Kelly Gene McDaniel
Mr. Bill McGillivray
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McKamey
Mr. and Mrs. David P. McLarry

Mr. and Mrs. Peter McNally
Ms. Lauren Meeks
Melvin's Menswear
Ms. Melinda Mendoza
Ms. Kelly N. Mercado
Ms. Ana Merino

Ms. Michele Yvette Merritt

Mrs. Beth A. Mesa

Mr. Trindad Messmer
Dr. and Mrs. Massoud Metghalchi
Mr. Justin Michael Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Michalski
Mr. Chad Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Miori

Mrs. Nancy R. Moffett

Mr. Steve Montes
Ms. Danielle La’Day Moore
Mrs. Tracey D. Moore-Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Moreno

The Honorable Ophelia Moreno

Dr. and Mrs. R. Vic Morgan
Ms. Calista R. Morris
The Honorable Geanie W. and Mr. Jack R. Morrison
Mr. Christopher Sean Moses
Mr. Gary T. MosesMs. Susie Motal
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Moya
Ms. Reagan Nicole Mozisek
Mr. Jess and Mrs. Kira Mudd
Mumphord’s Place Restaurant
Ms. Kathryn L. Munoz
Ms. Rosa M. Muzquiz
Mr. Kevin J. Myers
Mr. Giovanni Najar
Mr. Miguel A. Nava
Mr. Jordan Q. Nevels
New Distributing
Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Newell
Ms. Joanna E. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hung Nguyen
Dr. and Mrs. Yixi Ning
Dr. Farhang Niroomand
Mrs. Elaine Koughan Noland
Mrs. Karen Kay Novak
Sir John T. O’Brien
Mrs. Winnie R. O’Connell
O’Connor & Hewitt Foundation
The Honorable Morgan Dunn O’Connor
Mr. Darrell W. O’Neal
Mr. Robert D. Oakley
Mr. Thomas Oates
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon Oehlke
Mr. Tom Okono
Ms. Kaitlyn Elizabeth Oliver
Ms. Carla Olle
Ms. Darala Olle
Ms. Andrea L. Olsen
Mr. Johnson Olurotimi Olusanya
Ms. Rosemary Onaghise
Ms. Fiona Ong
Ms. Kristal Elizabeth Orellana
Mrs. Jennifer L. Ortiz Garza
Mr. Rojelio Ortiz
Ms. Latoya Michelle Pace-Smith
Ms. Jennifer L. Paredes Canales
Dr. and Mrs. Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh
Ms. Puja A. Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Augie V. Pedraza III
Mr. Joseph Peet
Peggy Ann Cloninger Family Fund
Ms. Angela Pena
Ms. Jeanette Evelyn Penado
Ms. Deanna Elizabeth Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Perez
Ms. Olga Perez
Ms. Vickie Sue Perkins
Ms. Marjorie G. Perloff
Mr. Caleb Rechard Perry
Petroleum Accounting Society of Houston
Mr. Binu V. Philip
Mr. John Phillip Phinny
Ms. Shirley Jean Pickard
Ms. Kimberly R. Pickens
Mr. Luis Enrique Pina Narvaez
Ms. Ana L. Pineda

Ms. Liana Pineda

Ms. Lauren A. Pirosko

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse D. Pisors
Mr. Jack Alban John Pluckwell
Ms. Vonda K. Prazak
Ms. Denise P. Prescott
Mr. Thomas Pribyl

Ms. Darby V. Price
Ms. Katina Price
Prosperity Bank
Ms. Sarai Puente
Mrs. Rita Darlene Pullin
Mr. Wade Douglas Purcell

Ms. Wendy Sue Pursell

Mrs. Judith Gwen Pustejovsky

Ms. Molly A. Raabe

Mr. Omar Rachid
Rain King Inc.
Ms. Ashley M. Ramirez
Ms. Gloria M. Ramirez

Ms. Jessica Ann Ramirez

Ms. Della Rampley

Ms. Tambra Lee Redlin

Ms. Valanna Campise Reed

Ms. Brandy Michelle Reeder
Regency Integrated Health Services LLC
Regional Steel Products Inc.

Residence Inn Fort Worth

Mr. and Mrs. David Gudino Reyes

Rev. Dr. Gene and Dr. Margaret H. Rice

Rich Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rich
Dr. Rita C. Richardson
Ms. Alexandra Rips

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Alejandro Rivas

Mr. Lionel Rivas

Dr. Josie L. and Mr. Mike Rivera

Ms. Linda Rivero
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rivet
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Robbins
Ms. Anna M. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris Roberts

Ms. Denise Jones Robinson

Ms. Keilt Frances Robinson

Ms. Brenda Rodriguez
Ms. Cynthia Rodriguez
Ms. Diana Elizabeth Rodriguez
Mr. George Rodriguez
Mr. Jose Rodriguez
Ms. Judy C. Rodriguez
Ms. Malarie Marie Rodriguez
Ms. Marie D. Rodriguez
Ms. Monica Annette Rodriguez

Ms. Sara D. Rodriguez
Ms. Daijah Mone’t Rogers

Ms. Kimberley Rogers
Ms. Sharon Deniece Rollins-Austin
Ms. Nancy Roman

Ms. Brenda Kay Roth
Mr. Bradley Wayne Roznovsky
Ms. Wednesday K. Rozsypal

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Rubio
Mr. Kelvin D. Rudd
Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Ruddock
Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Ryan
S.K. Wyatt Inc. dba Comfort Keepers
Ms. Marie Saad
Mr. Eric Jude Saavedra
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Samford
Ms. Akalina N. Sanchez

Mr. Diego Sanchez
Ms. Roxana Sanchez
Ms. Maria Alba Sanchez Evuna

Ms. Karen G. Sanders

Ms. Ana Angelica Santamaria
Ms. Dawn M. Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Schaefer
Ms. Suzanne Schatz
Schulenburg Printing & Office Supplies
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Schwartz
Mr. Claude F. Scott
The Honorable Jan and Mr. Bryce M. Scott
Ms. Cheryl K. Sedlacek
Ms. Caroline D. Seekamp
Seerden Interests
Mr. William F. Seerden
Mrs. Lidia Serrata and Mr. Alfred Ledesma
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Gerda Sessions
Ms. Virginie Laure Seumou Kouamou

Dr. Patricia E. Shafer
Mr. Ashish M. Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sharpe
Mr. Leo T. Sharron
Mr. Frankey S. Shears
Ms. Traci Michelle Shefcik
Mr. and Mrs. Donal R. Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. John Shutt

Ms. Courtney M. Sides
Ms. Ashley M. Sisson
Ms. Eureka Slaughter
Mr. Anthony Smith
Mrs. Barbara P. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Don N. Smith
Ms. Gina R. Smith
Ms. Jean E. Smith
Ms. Karen Smith
Mrs. Laura Lea L. Smith
Ms. Micaella Lynn Smith
Ms. Rhiannon R. Smith
Ms. Sallie J. Smith
Mr. Stanley Darin Smith
Mr. Tyler Smith
Mr. Wayne D. Smith
Mr. James and Mrs. Wanda Sneddon
Dr. Stephanie Solansky
Mr. Frank Sorrel Jr.
Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show
Mr. Wade Allen Sparks
Spec's Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods
Dr. John Travis Spoede Jr.

Ms. Thelma D. Stanley
Ms. Katy Marie Staples
Dr. and Mrs. John Starkey
Mr. Larry Steen
Mr. Jon Stefka
Ms. Dunae Nanette Stehling
Mr. John R. Streetman
Mr. Charles K. Striedel
Ms. Monica A. Strube
Dr. Sharon A. Stubblefield and Dr. Dan Jezioro
Ms. Perla Studer
Mr. Patrick E. Sullivan
Mr. Henry Sussman
Mr. Michael Rogers Sutherland
Mrs. Brenda E. Svetlik

Ms. Linda Swickheimer
Mr. Dru Swoboda
Ms. Farina Syed
Target Stores
Ms. Charlotte Jane Taylor
Dr. Ricardo V. Teixeira
Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Society of CPAs Victoria Chapter
The Club at Colony Creek
The Woodhouse Day Spa
Mr. and Mrs. William Todd Thetford
Dr. D. Denee Thomas
Ms. Holly D. Thomas
Ms. Sarah Thomas-Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thompson
Ms. Sara Beth Thurmond

Ms. Simone Tipton
TISD Inc. ̶ True Internet Services
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Titt
Dr. Beverly Christine Tomek
Mr. Oscar Allen Torres
Total Center Maintenance
Totonka LLCMr. Nauru Tran
Mr. Ryon Michael Trcka
The Trull Foundation
Mr. Steven Trusclair
Trust Texas Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tudyk Jr.
University of Houston Alumni Association Foundation
Ms. Fjola Cisotto Unnarsdottir
Ms. Anitra Ussery
Ms. Rita Valdez
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. VanderVoort
Ms. Rosemaria Varghese
Ms. Sharron Varghese
Mr. Johnny M. and Mrs. Lynne Vasquez
VCS Cos.
Ms. Erika G. Vermillion
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vickers
Ms. Kendall Victor
The Victoria Advocate
Victoria Air Conditioning
Victoria Area Chamber of Commerce
Victoria Automobile Dealer’s Association
Victoria College Bookstore
Victoria ER
Victoria Lions Club
Victoria MRI Ltd.
Victoria Television Group
Ms. Dina Villanueva
Mr. Jon Villanueva
Mr. Rudy Villanueva
VMC Signs Inc.
Mr. Shahzado Wahocho
Mrs. Valerie G. Walden
Walker Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Patricia Walker
The Honorable Kay and Mr. Ronald Walker Sr.
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Kathy Walton
Mr. Ashley W. Walyuchow
Ms. Tylar Kristian Walyuchow
Dr. Yun Wan
Dr. Jifu Wang
Ms. Janell Ward
Ms. Lisa Warner
Warrior Supply Inc.
Ms. Lisa Marie Washington
Ms. Anne Watson
Ms. Tamorha Michelle Watson
Mr. Marcus Watt
Mrs. Gloria R. Wearden
Weaver & Jacobs Constructors
The Honorable Roger F. and Mrs. Donna G. Welder
Mrs. Virginia Welder
Ms. Jena L. West
Mr. Mark L. West
Mrs. Deborah Westbrook
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Westbrook Jr. DDS
Allison Swafford Whitaker
Ms. Courtney Rene White
Mr. Michael R. Wilkinson
Mr. Aaron Deshawn Williams
Ms. Andrea Martin Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Williams
Ms. Kennisha Admarie Williams
Ms. Lori Williamson
Mr. Duane Thomas Willis
Ms. Patricia S. Wirfs
Wood Family Memorial Trust
Ms. Samantha Marie Wooster
Ms. Cheryl H. Worley
Mrs. Trudy C. Wortham
Mr. Jordan Alan Wright
Dr. Bingxin Wu and Mrs. Shuqin Feng
Ms. Dyan D. Yanuaria
Ms. Jacquelyn Ybarra
Ms. Christin Marie Yokubaitis
Mr. Mark E. Zafereo
Mr. Christopher Alberto Zapata
Ms. Janai Zavala
The Honorable Ben and Mrs. Zeller