University of Houston-Victoria


Transfer Plan for Lone Star College - Gaming and Simulation

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science

(University minimum requirements 120 hours)

Core Requirements (Community College course work found on Lone Start Program Plan sites)

Students may select from 3 tracks with several different options in each track:

Complete courses required for the Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in your chosen Workforce Program (AAS) at Lone Star College. Student can also take general education (core curriculum) courses required for chosen Workforce Program (AAS).


Upper-Division Courses (UHV Course Work)

  • COMM 43XX - Choose from COMM 4326, COMM 4318, or COMM 4330
  • ENGL 3430 - Professional Writing
  • ENGL XXXX - Upper division English course
  • HUMA 4322 - Ethics
  • COSC 1436 or Core Course - Programming Fundamentals I or additional core course if COSC 1336 was taken in AAS degree
  • MATH 3321 - Gaming Math for Non-Programmers
  • GMNG 3310 - Advanced 3D Modeling for Gaming
  • GMNG 4310 - Advanced Game Modeling & Direct X
  • GMNG 4312 - Game Engines
  • GMNG 4314 - Gaming Networks Architecture
  • GMNG 4316 - Advanced Level Design
  • GMNG 4317 - Art for Gaming
  • GMNG 4318 - Advanced Animation for Gaming
  • GMNG 4321 - Game Development Project Mgmt.
  • GMNG 4322 - Game A1 and Behavioral Modeling
  • GMNG 4340 - Senior Project
  • 15 semester hours of Core Curriculum courses


EDUC 1300 is required for all First Time in College (FTIC) students at Lone Star College. If not FTIC, take COSC 1301 (less than 5 years old) to satisfy institutional requirement at UHV. Students who are FTIC are still required to complete COSC 1301.

AAS degrees at LSC require at least 15 hrs of general education (core curriculum) for completion. Students also need to satisfy additional core curriculum requirements to become “core complete” to earn the BAAS at UHV. Students can take these courses at Lone Star College or UHV. Completion of ENGL 1302 (prerequisite for upper division ENGL at UHV) is recommended prior to transfer. Students should consult with an advisor regarding UHV transfer limits.

Students may select 9 semester hours from Lower Division Gaming, Modeling, Art, or Animation courses. If already taken at LSC, student should complete core curriculum as needed. Students should consult with an advisor.