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Transfer Plan for Houston Community College - Computer Science Options

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

A total of 40 hours must be upper division level.

30 of the last 36 upper division semester hours must be completed at UHV.

Core Requirements

Communication – 6 semester hours

Select 2 from

Mathematics – 3 semester hours

Life and Physical Sciences – 6 semester hours

Select 2 from

Language, Philosophy and Culture – 3 semester hours

Creative Arts – 3 semester hours

Select 1 from

American History – 6 semester hours

Select 2 from

Government– 6 semester hours

Social and Behavioral Science - 3 semester hours

Select 1 from

Speech – 3 semester hours

Computer Proficiency - 3 semester hours

Lower-Division Specialization

12 semester hours 

Technical or Vocational Courses

24-44 semester hours of technical or vocational coursework

UHV Upper-Division Courses

Concentration/Specialization (select one)

Computer Information Systems, Network & Security, or Web & Media

Digital Gaming

UD Free Electives

0-6 semester hours of UD Electives