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Financial Aid and Expenses

Cost and Aid

When it comes to deciding which college to attend, the most asked questions relate to cost.

  • How much are classes?
  • Will I receive enough financial aid to cover my expenses?
  • Do I even qualify for financial aid?
  • What additional expenses will I have in college?

The thought of paying for college can feel overwhelming and stressful. Trust us, we understand! In most cases, stress comes from not understanding the process, which is why we are here! Our job is to help you and your family understand the process of funding and paying for college. College financial planning divides into three sections:

  • Cost of Attendance
  • Financial Aid
  • Billing and Payments

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance (aka COA) is the total yearly amount it will cost to attend school. COA includes:

  • tuition and fees
  • campus housing
  • room and board
  • books
  • supplies
  • transportation

COA is not an exact figure, but rather, a very good estimate. If you want to an idea how much it cost to attend UHV, please use our online tuition calculator.

Financial Aid

Regardless of how much financial support you receive from home, we recommend for all students to apply for financial aid. Financial aid is an award that considers many different factors.

  • academic achievement
  • parental and household income
  • unique skills and talents
  • extracurricular activities and community involvement
  • Armed Forces Veteran's status

Financial aid is awarded as a grant, scholarship, loan, or work-study opportunity.

  • Grants – federal aid that does not require repayment
  • Scholarships – awards are based on many factors (i.e. grades, academics)
  • Loans – federal aid that will need to be paid back after graduation
  • Work-study – aid that is earned from on-campus employment

Billing and Payments

After your financial aid is deducted from your cost of attendance, it will be important to make plans to cover the remaining balance. The Office of Student Billing provides information about:

  • installment payment plans
  • tuition and fee loans
  • book loans
  • housing and meal plan charges
  • waivers and exemptions for qualified students

We encourage you to visit both Financial Aid and Student Billing offices. Together, you will gain a clear understanding of how to plan and pay for your college education.