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Paying for College


How Does Attending UHV Payoff for You?

Aside from earning a degree that will provide benefits that last a lifetime, attending UHV will not break the bank! Here’s why:

  • We offer the seventh lowest annual tuition and fees cost of any public university in Texas.
  • The university awards financial aid to more than 90 percent of all students who apply.
  • Our graduate debt load average is well below the national student debt average.
  • UHV alumni earn the fourth-highest median first-year salaries of bachelor’s degree graduates from Texas public universities.

Managing Your Money

Properly managing your finances can take a lot discipline and practice. As a college student, many of you will be living on a lean budget. There are few tips that you should always keep in mind when it comes to managing your money.

  • Do not spend more than what you have.
  • Make sure you always put money aside for emergencies.
  • Money is harder to earn than it is to spend. Be careful and know what your expenses are.
  • Financial aid is for your education (not for clothing and travel).

Our offices of Financial Aid and Student Billing can help you figure out the best way to fund and budget your education.