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Is College for Me


There are many misconceptions surrounding college. Unfortunately, we come across a large number of people who think they are not smart enough to earn a college degree. (Remember that word … earn). Other people are under the impression that earning a college degree is not worth the time, energy and resources. The truth is that nothing will ever be worth doing if you’re not committed to becoming successful. Post-high school education – of any level – will help open more doors of opportunity.

A college degree is not a temporary solution; it’s something that you will be able to use the rest of your life.

Regardless of the barriers, chances are that the same people who will be helping you through the college process have been in your shoes. One of the great things about UHV is the genuine, personal service that our students receive. UHV’s staff and faculty want to help you navigate through the waters of higher education, from the first day of class to graduation day (and beyond).

Right now, you should be in the process of figuring out what you want in your life. Ask yourself:

What makes me happy?

How would I like to earn a living?

What does the employment outlook for my field look like?

We could probably list 100 or more additional questions. Your answers to these questions will help lead you to the commitment needed to earn your degree.