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Campus Safety Manual

Safety, Health, and Risk Management
Goals and Objectives

Safety and Health Goal:

Provide a safety program designed to promote, create and maintain a safe and secure university environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors by complying with applicable safety, health and environmental federal and state rules and regulations.

Safety and Health Objectives:

  1. Conduct quarterly Safety & Risk Management Advisory Committee meetings with a representative cross-section of department employees, management and the Student Senate President. Distribute minutes to all faculty, staff, and students;
  2. Offer a minimum of four (4) annual safety and health related training courses addressing employee and student safety and health;
  3. Conduct building emergency evacuation or fire drill in at least one university owned, managed, or leased facility annually. Conduct annual evacuation and fire drills in student residential housing;
  4. Create safety training courses primarily to help ensure the safety and security of employees and students. The training should meet regulatory requirements and help ensure departmental compliance.

Risk Management Goal:

Continue improvement of the university Risk Management program while maintaining compliance with University of Houston System policy, University of Houston-Victoria administrative policy, and State Office of Risk Management directives and guidelines.

Risk Management Objectives:

  1. Conduct an annual life safety inspection of university owned, managed, and leased facilities. Conduct annual life safety and fire safety inspections of residential housing;
  2. Annually, offer a minimum of one risk management related training course addressing the safekeeping of university assets and property;
  3. Create safety training courses to help minimize the potential hazards and risk for the university environment. The training should meet regulatory requirements and help ensure departmental compliance.

Safety Manual: Table of Contents