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What students had to say about UHV:

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“I was surprised at the affordability of tuition. It was extremely affordable compared with other colleges.”

LeAnn Cernoch
Business Major, Management
Class of 2010

“The tuition rates at UHV are very competitive in the local market and beyond.”

Moses Ballenger
Business Major, Finance
Class of 2011

“I was really glad to find out that the Financial Aid office responded quickly to my questions and helped me file my paperwork on time.”

Fayeza Khan
Business Major, Accounting
Class of 2010

“…who really care.”

“It is great to have teachers who really care about you and are here to help you. It has been a really great experience so far at UHV.”

Courtney Tupa
Criminal Justice Major
Class of 2010

“It is clear that the teachers and the employees want the best for us! They help when you are lost or need to talk to someone about your degree or classes.”

Courtney Pettit
Education Major
Class of 2011

“The professors at UHV are very personable. They are willing to help students who are having trouble with their classes.”

LeAnn Cernoch
Business Major, Management
Class of 2010

“I really enjoy the Financial Aid Department. They are considerate of your needs and really try to help you out with getting the most money for your tuition. By being friendly, every time you go in there with questions, they make you feel welcome. Yay, Financial Aid!”

Kristy Worthy
Criminal Justice Major
Spring 2011

“Quality programs…”

“Quality programs, flexible schedules and affordable tuition make UHV a clear choice!”

Kathryn Nippress
Business Major, Marketing
Class of 2011

“UHV offers an education at an affordable price, flexible times for classes and a vast array of different degrees to choose from. The teachers and students are a delight to work with. Everyone has one common goal: Graduation!”

Juanita Jaimes
Business Major
Class of 2009

At first I thought that at such a low rate, I must not expect too much from the level of academia. However, I was surprised at the quality of course content. I compared my work with friends and colleagues back home, in India, and realized that my content and exposure was much better.

Ali Shabbir
Global MBA, Finance
Class of 2010

“It’s so convenient...”

“Having so many classes available online helped me juggle a busy schedule. I was able to take all the classes I needed without a problem.”

Cayla Dluhos
UHV softball player
Education Major
Class of 2009

“I like their flexibility and the coursework. I really enjoyed my experience there.”

Lilly Perez
Education Master’s Degree
Class of 2009

The online classes that I have taken through UHV were very convenient. The professors kept in close contact with the students, and the materials were easy to use and find.

LeAnn Cernoch
Business Major, Management
Class of 2010

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Cash Generation - 8/27/2014

Governor's Small Business Forum - 8/28/2014

First Steps to Starting Your Own Business - 9/4/2014

UHV / American Book Review Reading Series - 9/4/2014

Volunteering Open House - 9/4/2014

Blood Drive - 9/10/2014

Degree Information Session - 9/10/2014

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