THEA Quick Test

The Center holds THEA Quick Test administrations at specific intervals throughout each semester and during semester breaks. To view available testing dates and/or register and pay for the THEA Quick Test, visit


Students needing to take the Quick THEA should complete the following steps:

    1. Register, choose a testing date, and pay for the exam by visiting
    2. Arrive to the assigned room on time. Examinees who are late may not be allowed to test.
    3. Bring two forms of valid identification: one must be photo ID (e.g., current driver’s license, military ID, passport, state-issued ID card). Examinees who do not present a valid photo ID will not be allowed to test.
    4. Bring a $29 check or money order made payable to National Evaluation Systems (NES) and several No. 2 pencils on the day of the test. The completed test will not be shipped without the $29 payment.

    Things to Know Before Taking the Quick THEA

    Examinees should report to the test site at or before 8:30 a.m. the day of the test. (Examinees who arrive past 8:30a.m. may not be allowed to test.)

    Examinees must wait 30 days between each attempt to take the Quick THEA. Test results will be mailed to examinees and institutions in approximately 10 working days after the administration.

    A practice test for the Quick THEA is available at

    Students who are taking the math portion of the test are allowed to bring only a non-programmable calculator, with square root and percent keys. Unacceptable calculators may include, but are not limited to, calculator watches, scientific or graphing calculators, and cell phone calculators.

    Cell phones (and other electronic communication devices) are not permitted in the testing room. Examinees should leave cell phones at home or in a vehicle. An examinee who uses a cell phone or has a cell phone that rings during the test session will be dismissed and the scores may be voided.

    Examinees are given five hours to complete all three sections of the test.

    For more information about the Quick THEA, please visit the Quick THEA website at or contact the Academic Center at 361.570.4288.


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