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Telecommunications Services

Telephone Add Request

  • Please identify yourself:
  • Please provide the following contact information:
    Work Phone
  • Manager's name and telephone extension for approval of service change:
  • Name of the person assigned to the extension where the change is to take place:

  • Enter the Department Name:

  • Room number of the person where the change is to take place:

  • Enter the Budget Account Number for billing purposes in the space provided below.
    (5 digit Speed Type Number)

  • Should long distance service be extended to this user?
    Yes  No
  • Provide a detailed description of the work to be performed :
  • Does the new user need to be added to one of the following groups?

    Hunt Distribution Group (list at least one extension already in this group)

    (A hunt group consists of a group of telephones set up to move an incoming call automatically from one phone another until it is answered or the caller hangs up.)

    Pick Group (list at least one extension already in this group)

    (A pick group lets the user answer a call to an extension in his pick group even when he does not know the number of the extension.)

  • Does the new user need Phone Mail?

    Yes No

    If you answered no to the Phone Mail question above, go directly to "Submit Form"at the bottom of this form.
  • Enter the desired call forwarding extension:

    (The call forwarding extension is the extension that phonemail will forward a user of your phonemail to if they press 0 # within your phonemail box.)

  • Click on "Submit Form" you have completed all the necessary items on this form to submit by e-mail to the Telecommunications Coordinator:

Print this page and Submit in person or via inter-office mail to

James Garcia, Telecom Analyst
UHV Information Technology
Room 280B
University Center Building
Office: 570-4389