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PDF Archive: Fall 2009, Spring 2010

Current Responses (Spring 2010)

Thank you for your suggestions. Responses have been posted below.

If your suggestion did not receive a response, consider submitting it directly to the appropriate department or office. If you need help identifying the appropriate department/office for your suggestion, email Chari Norgard. I’d be happy to help you determine how to proceed.

Suggestion: 1227

Subject: Course Prerequisite Check
Forwarded to: Registrar

I suggest you make the online registration system check for prerequisites so students don't learn at the last minute that they are in the wrong class, when it may be too late to get in to the right class.


Thank you for your suggestion. Requisite checking within the online registration system is on of many items that we eventually plan to implement. Until then, students should refer to the academic catalog for course pre- and co-requisites as well as meeting with their academic advisor to develop a degree plan and discuss course schedule options. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Suggestion: 1228
Subject: Payment for Classes
Forwarded to: Bursar

I suggest you make students pay for classes at the time they register, then people who have no intention of paying are not keeping seats from other students who will pay. HCC require payment within 24 hours of registering for classes.


Thank you for your suggestion. Considering there are various external factors which affect the ability of some students to pay immediately, such as qualifying for financial aid, 3rd party contract processes and student financial burdens, the university has tried to be accommodating by allowing students a reasonable amount of time before disenrolling them for non-payment. Although there are some students who do not pay by the deadline, we have found that about 95% of the students make the required payment for the courses they enroll in on time. So, at least for now, we'll continue with our current process.

Suggestion: 1229

Subject: Mental Health Services
Forwarded to: Associate VP for Student Success and Enrollment Management

I think that UHV should offer mental counseling for stressed students or students suffering from stress-related anxiety. I noticed there used to be a contact on the "Health Services" page that gave reference of a Doctor with whom the University had an agreement with, but many universities offer counseling services (already included in tuition) and since UHV is now an approved four-year institution, I think it would be a wonderful addition to services.


Thanks for your suggestion about offering counseling for students. UHV recognizes student mental health as an important factor in student academic success. As such, we just hired a Counseling Center Director who will begin August 1. Dr. Jesse Aros brings years of experience to the position and we are delighted to have him join us at UHV. He has agreed to participate in all our new freshman/parent orientations this summer so that freshmen and their parents will have the opportunity to meet him.

In the fall, we plan to provide opportunities for all our students to meet the Director of Counseling and to get valuable information about the support this office will be able to provide for students.

Thanks again for your suggestion.