Taiwan - Curriculum

Program Outline


ECON 6300/4300 Special Topics in Managerial Economics: Taiwan Study. It counts as one of electives for all MBA and BBA concentrations.


McGuigan, Moyer, & Harris, Managerial Economics: Application, Strategy, and Tactics, 11th ed. Thomson South-Western, ISBN 0324421605


Program Objective

The course equips students to be able 

1.      to conduct real-world international study and understand Taiwanese/Chinese working ethics/culture;

2.      to understand the advantage of newly developed Asian countries in the industries of semiconductor, machinery tool, LED/LCD, hospital service,…etc;

3.      to estimate demand function and cost function for the visited industries with statistical tools;

4.      to apply decision-making rules for cost control, output rate and pricing;

5.      to develop communication skills in teamwork with international participants to accomplish a shared purpose.

Grading Scale

Your letter grade is determined by using the grade distribution that follows. Your percentage is found by dividing your total points by the total points available.






90 or higher


80 to 89%


70 to 79%


60 to 69%


Less than 60%


Course Assessment



ECON 6300

ECON 4300










Group Presentation



Final Exam



Term Paper







Attendance (10%): Attendance in ALL classes for the FULL CLASS PERIOD is highly expected. Absence in any class is not tolerated, and will result in your grade being lowered.  

Discussion (20%): Each student is expected to take an active part in classroom discussion activities. The instructor expects you to share your thoughts and insights with your classmates for the topics given in class. The instructor will keep a record for each discussion session for your frequencies as well as quality in participation. Sources for discussion topics will come from the current issues from Business Week, or the business field trips in Taiwan.

Workshop (20%): There will be two workshop sessions in the study aboard period in Taiwan. Students are required to solve quantitative problems in class to show the understanding for analysis tools.        

Group Presentation (25%): Each student will be assigned to a group with 2~3 local MBA students. In the period in Taiwan, we will visit at least three world-class companies to learn their business models. The instructor will assign each group to present the Porter's five forces analysis for the company and the industry in the end of semester. Presentation format and grading rule are available in the Blackboard supplemental website (www2.uhv.edu/chenc).  Each student, including the local MBA students in the group, is expected to participate in presentation and all students in the same group will receive the same grade.


Term Paper (25%): Each MBA student will turn in an industry analysis term paper which focuses on one of the visited industries in Taiwan. The (electronic) submission of term paper will be due in three weeks after coming back to the U.S. The detailed instruction of the term paper is available in Blackboard supplemental website (www2.uhv.edu/chenc).

Final Exam (25%): Each BBA student may choose to take an online comprehensive final exam, three weeks after coming back to the U.S. The online access time will be informed later. The final exam will contain multiple-choice questions only.