Provost Advisory Committee on International Education

The purpose of the group is to review, recommend, and facilitate international initiatives of the institution, as well as help to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and compliance in the provision of programs and support services, admission of students, and maintenance of academic standards.

Major duties:

  1. Maintain institutional focus on the Board of Regents' strategic principles and initiatives pertaining to international education.
  2. Ensure compliance with policy directives or guidelines of the institution, UH System, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
  3. With respect to the above, compile a list of international initiatives recognized by the university—to be provided to the UH System annually, as part of the budget process.
  4. Establish and maintain or monitor a university website that provides information on opportunities for student and faculty participation in international opportunities; indicates initiatives underway at the university; and notes international resources available at the university, including especially faculty experience.
  5. Serve as an institutional liaison with System-wide organizational efforts and, as appropriate and feasible, those of state, national, or international entities.
  6. Provide guidance, advice and assistance in the search for strategic alliances and partnerships in the implementation of international initiative and study abroad opportunities.
  7. Generally, provide advice, assistance, and initiative with regard to institutional involvement in international education.