London - Curriculum

Each student will take one class and receive six credit hours. Classes will operate on a seminar style format with all students actively participating in discussions with their professor as well as the numerous guest lecturers. Each lecture will be a supplemented with a field experience that will add practical application to the issues that have been raised in class. Students enrolling in a class will be provided with a syllabus before they leave the United States. Research projects or papers will be completed upon return to the U.S. and sent to the professor of record for a final grade. Lecture and research must both be completed for a student to receive a final grade.

  • Although each class schedule will ultimately rest with the professor of record, classes will typically run Monday through Thursday. Class attendance in all classes and class related activities is mandatory and excessive absences may result in dismissal from the program. A mini-break during the session will allow students to travel throughout England & Western Europe.
  • Short term program (4 weeks) students will take a course only, from the list below.

A variety of cultural enrichment and volunteer activities insure that students receive a complete immersion in all social layers and economic strata of the host cultures are included.

Art - Photography in Great Britain
Six semester hours Art 4113 & 4123 This studio class will address historical and contemporary photographic practices in Great Britain. London's museums, galleries, and institutions such as Royal Photographic Society will be utilized; important British photographers will be invited to class to discuss their work. Field trips to various locations such as Stonehenge and Lycock Abbey will be an integral part of the course. Each student will compile a photographic portfolio as a final project.

Undergraduate Syllabus - Six semester hours, Art 4113 & 4123
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Business - International Issues in Business
Six semester hours, BUAD 4883 & 4993 or 5993 & 6893. This course examines international issues in business. Components of marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics will constitute the core of the lectures while each student will also complete a research paper with the topic decided upon by the student and professor of record. Guest lecturers from the European community and field trips to various British and E.U. points of interest will be included within the course. Consent of the instructor for all business classes is mandatory. 

Undergraduate Syllabus - Six semester hours, BUAD 4883 & 4993
Graduate Syllabus - Six semester hours, BUAD 5993 & 6893

English - Shakespeare in London/Fine Arts-Theatre
Six semester hours, ENGL. 4716 / 5773 & 5003 or Fine Arts – THEA 4393/4493 This course explores the life and work of William Shakespeare from historical, textual, critical, and performative perspectives. Instruction will be bolstered by academic and theatre professionals, supplemented with practical experiences and field work. In this course students will 1)explore the historical context of Shakespeare and his plays, 2)develop an understanding of Shakespearean textual production and reproduction, 3)master basic terms and techniques of Shakespearean criticism through an examination of its history, 4)experience the variety of Shakespearean performance, both historically and in contemporary English culture. Theatre involves experiencing professional productions, and will be bolstered by actors, directors, designers and stage managers. All students in the class will spend two days in Stratford- upon- Avon as part of the class.

Undergraduate Syllabus - Six semester hours ENGL 4716
Graduate Syllabus - Six semester hours ENGL 5773 & 5003
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History - World War II
Six semester hours. HIST 4933 and 4953, 5003 and 5003. Because of the unique history of London and all of England during World War II, this course will focus on the major military, political, and social issues surrounding the war with particular emphasis on the European Theatre. The class will rely on a mix of scholarly lectures, class discussion, and historical field trips. Churchill's underground bunker in London, the Imperial War Museum, and former allied air fields will be the centerpieces of field experiences that will supplement lectures and guest speakers.

Undergraduate Syllabus - HIST 4933 & 4953
Graduate Syllabus - HIST 5003

Public Health - Determinants of Health Disparities
Six semester hours, HSAD 4006, 5006. Course will investigate: This course will investigate the following: 1) Delivery of health care needs and public health services 2) Description of health disparities and measurement issues, 3) Determinants of health disparities, 4) Vulnerable populations, 5) Advocacy efforts, 6) Emerging infectious disease, 7) Intervention strategies and evaluation results.

Undergraduate Syllabus - HSAD 4006
Graduate Syllabus - HSAD 5006

Sociology - British Culture and Society
Six semester hours, SOCL 4883, 4893. This is the perfect class for any student interested in comparing major institutions within Great Britain and the United States. Institutional issues surrounding the family, government, religion, poverty, education, and sport will provide the context by which students can examine modem living in the UK as well as the US. Field trips will include the Houses of Parliament, London's East End and modem Docklands, as well as the historical cities of Cambridge and Canterbury. 

Sociology Syllabus - SOCL 4883 and 4893