China 2014 - Approximate Costs for Students

A limited number of Wu-Feng Study Abroad Scholarships, up to $2,500 each, available for qualified applicants. (Applications have closed.)

MGMT 4300 / 6300 – Summer 2014 – Beijing and Jinan City, China

Each participating student will pay the following five parts:

  1. UHV Tuition & Fee (See  UHV 2013-14 catalog)
    The regular tuition & fee is paid to UHV for 3-credit hour.
  2. Insurance/Visa
    Each participating student must have medical coverage or buy trip-specific medical accident coverage prior to the trips.  The faculty leader must verify evidence of coverage.  Below are links which students and non-affiliated travelers may use to purchase the accident insurance directly:

  3. Passport – Passports must have at least 6 months before expiration from the date of travel. In other words the expiration date must be after Jan 1, 2015. Check the US state department website (or own country of citizenship) for visa application details. The visa fee is approximately $100.
  4.  Program Fee
    The program fee covers the costs of lodging (double occupancy), ground transportation in China, certain meals and tours. The program fee will be collected by UHV.
    Refer to the MGMT 6300/4300 daily schedule for what is included. The program fee in summer 2014 is $1,000 (after $2,500 Wu-Feng scholarship). The price is based on double occupancy.
  5. Airfare
    The student is responsible for making and paying for their own flight reservations to Beijing and back. Carriers include Air China; United and Delta. Contact a travel agent or airlines directly. Check with UHV before making any reservations.
    Flight costs are in the region of $1800-$2,050. Early reservations will be the lowest fares.
  6. Summary

    The following table lists the approximate total costs per student: 

    Graduate $ Undergraduate $
     Resident  Non-Resident  Resident  Non-Resident
    UHV Tuition & Fee  1,185  2,247     695  1,757
    Insurance/Visa (est.)     200     200     200     200
    Program Fee (after scholarship) 1,000  1,000  1,000  1,000
    Airfare (estimate is $1,400-$2,000.) 1,400-2,000  1,400-2,000  1,400-2,000     
    Total Cost Per Student (estimate)  from $3,785  from $4,847 from $3,295  from $4,357   

    The program fee assumes receipt of the $2,500 Wu-Feng Study Abroad scholarships. Limited availability for qualified applicants. Apply early.

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