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Cuernavaca Mexico Programs

Students will spend six to eight hours daily in small group sessions (five or less) which serve to improve their skills in the Spanish language while learning the fundamentals of cultural communication in a total immersion environment. Small group classes and discussions will help develop knowledge of their host culture by focusing on geography, history, politics, religion, family and traditions. Students will further enhance their skills in, and understanding of, Spanish language and the subtleties of Hispanic culture by examining ever more specific issues in a wide variety of academic areas.

Experience and research have identified the most important elements of successful study abroad programs. The Cuernavaca program incorporates those elements as follows:

  • Students take at their level, language and culture courses in Spanish in small groups.
  • A variety of cultural enrichment and volunteer activities to insure that students receive a complete immersion in all social layers and economic strata of the host cultures.
  • Regular and complete progress toward degree requirements
  • By virtue of a consortium agreement students will utilize scholarships and financial aid available to them at their home campus.

Program Calendar

Deadline for application: 2 months prior to departure

2, 4, 6 or 12 week course

Departure Dates: Any Saturday
Start Date: Following Monday
Deadline for Payment: 1 month prior to departure

Program Costs

2 weeks in Mexico 4 weeks Mexico 6 weeks 12 weeks
$2048.85 $3692.70 $4598.70 $7949.55-$9215.25
Receive 3 semester credit hours @ UHV Receive 6 semester credit hours @ UHV Receive 6 semester credit hours @ UHV Receive 9 to 15 semester credit hours @ UHV

Prices are subject to change

Professional Courses are slightly higher.

Application Process

  1. All students are required to have a valid

    U.S. passport

    International student I. D.
    (obtained in Room 206 in the UHV West Building.)


  2. $250 deposit payable in MyUHV. All forms and correspondence must be submitted or sent to:

    UHV - School of Arts and Sciences
    Study Abroad
    University West, Room 206
    3007 N. Ben Wilson,
    Victoria, TX 77901


  3. Apply for any appropriate scholarships, loans, etc.


    Financial aid


  4. Complete and submit the following forms.

    Texas Common Application (Non UHV students for credit hours)

    Course Articulation Form

  5. Post Application Process

    Pre-Departure Orientation

The program fees include:

  • Program and registration fees to Universidad Internacional
  • ISIC Card and emergency insurance coverage
  • UHV Undergraduate Tuition for appropriate semester hours
  • Full room and board in a single occupancy with a host family
  • Transportation to and from the university if you are more than a fifteen minute walk from campus

This fee does not include:

  • International flight to Mexico: Flight must be booked by students. (Important: BOOK EARLY)
  • Excursions not included in the program fee
  • Books and Material
  • Laundry - average cost about five dollars a week.

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