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We have several committees throughout the year that we participate in.
If you would like more information regarding our Service, Fundraising, or Social committees please email an officer!


The Committees that Gamma Beta Phi will be utilizing will be:

The Executive Committee is the major committee of the chapter. It consists of the officers and permanent committee chairs. General policies and activities are planned by this committee for presentation to the membership. This committee is responsible for seeing that the standards of membership are maintained and it handles all disciplinary actions (see Article VII, section 4, of the Constitution). The President chairs this committee. The Advisor is expected to attend the Executive Committee meetings and thus should always be invited. His or her counsel is of great importance.


The Program Committee makes up a schedule of proceedings for regular and special meetings of the chapter, secures outside speakers, and prepares printed programs for banquets and induction ceremonies. This committee will chaired by an appointee of the chapter president.


The Social Committee plans and arranges social meetings of the chapter. Among its duties would be arrangements for refreshments and decorations. This committee will chaired by an appointee of the chapter president.


The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing the chapter's accomplishments to the public in a dignified and circumspect manner. An organization's vitality and usefulness is frequently judged by its publicity. Good publicity not only gives the public interesting and encouraging information, it also makes for good morale among the members and builds up a sense of pride in the chapter and the Society. When the organization is held in high regard for its ideals and achievements, it encourages greater effort on the part of all. Many chapters prepare a chapter newsletter to send the members each month. Sending news and pictures for publication in The Gambet and preparing a chapter scrapbook are important aspects of this committee's work. This committee will be chaired by the Chapter Historian.


The Scholarship Committee is responsible for managing and promoting all activities relating the scholarship activities of the chapter including fundraising, application reviews, and award recipient recommendations.


The following committees are not required. However, the UHV Gamma Beta Phi chapter will utilize these committees as permanent.


The Projects Committee is responsible for planning the chapter's projects designating a committee member to lead each project. The committee must be careful to involve as many members as possible. This committee should work closely with the Publicity Committee to insure that projects are given proper publicity. This committee will be co-chaired by the chapter Vice-President and Assistant Vice-President.


The Induction Committee responsible for conducting the membership drives in a thorough and efficient manner.



The following is designed to make the chapter leadership aware of projects that have been done by chapters; and are still being done. Your chapter may wish to do the same or similar projects. In all likelihood as you read this list of projects, other possibilities will be generated in your mind. If your chapter develops a project not listed here, please let Headquarters know.

Projects Aiding the Institution

Projects Aiding the Community

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