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UHV Community Council (UCC)

Constitution of the Jaguar Housing Community Council at
University of Houston-Victoria

Mission of the organization

The UHV Community Council exists to provide a forum for the residents of the Jaguar Housing to have an active voice in the affairs of the Jaguar Housing.

Article I. Name

The name of the student organization shall be known as the UHV Community Council (UCC).

Article II. Purpose & Goals

The purpose and goals of the UCC are:

  • Encourage Jaguar community participation
  • Encourage a working relationship between residents and the housing management staff.
  • Serve as a liaison between University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) and the residents.
  • Provide pertinent information to the residents in a timely manner.
  • Provide for social, cultural and intellectual development of residents.
  • Provide a forum for individual residents to voice their concerns about the apartment complex.

Article III. Membership

This organization will not discriminate or withhold membership from any individual on the basis of race, color, gender, physical challenge, sexual orientation or national origin. All residents 18 years or older are members of the organization.

Article IV. Officers and Representatives

Section I. Requirements

  • The officers of this organization must meet the following requirements:
    1. For undergraduate students, except for first year freshman, the minimum GPA is 2.00.
  • Be in good standing with the university and enrolled:
    1. At least half time (six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and
    2. At least half time (six or more credits), if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office.
  • Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed above.

Section II. Officers and Duties

The Executive board shall constitute the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Coordinator, and Historian


  • Shall be the executive head and representative of the UCC
  • Shall preside over all meetings of UCC and the executive board.
  • Shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the UCC
  • Shall enforce the constitution and the by-laws and shall ensure that all resolutions and proceedings of the UCC are carried out.
  • Shall appoint all committees to carry out the business of UCC.
  • Shall hear complaints, recommendations and suggestions presented by the Executive Board.

Vice President)

  • Shall inform new residents of UCC and its purpose.
  • Shall preside over meetings of UCC and executive board in the absent of the President.
  • Shall ensure that the projects sponsored by UCC conform to the University Regulations and all applicable laws.
  • Update the Council Constitution and Bylaws for approval by General body


  • Shall keep records on the finances, collect monies, make deposits and withdrawals and be responsible for paying all the financial responsibilities of the UCC.
  • Shall prepare the annual budget proposal for the following school year in co-operation with the other officers.
  • Shall be prepared to inform members about the state of the budget upon request.
  • Shall maintain the UCC inventory list.


  • Shall record and distribute the minutes of each UCC meeting, including the issues voted upon during the meetings.
  • Shall handle all UCC correspondences, including inviting University officials to UCC functions.
  • Shall take roll at all meetings and keep accurate attendance records.
  • Shall work with the Jaguar Housing Programming Office in communications with the residents such as the newsletter and advertisements for upcoming UCC events.
  • Shall be the Web Master and the Communications Officer of the Council Executive

Program Coordinator

  • Shall recruit and designate committees for organizing UCC social events
  • Act as the primary contact between Jaguar Housing Programming Staff and other departments, organizations and student groups related to programming
  • Shall work with Treasurer regarding funding for programs
  • Announce program ideas at UCC meetings
  • Work with the Historian to publicize programs and activities by UCC
  • Gather information regarding Campus wide programs related to graduate students, families, children and other Jaguar Housing populations.


  • Publicize all UCC programs and activities
  • Keep a historical record of UCC events, programs, activities
  • Primary contact with Media and Newspaper groups related to Media coverage (prior approval through Residence Life Admin for Media submission)


  1. The Executive board shall nominate interested members of the UCC to serve as Area Representatives (2). Area Representatives are representatives of the Jaguar Housing Community. They shall be responsible for hearing recommendations and suggestions from the residents living in his/her area and report them to the executive board. The Vice President shall coordinate the activities of the Area Representatives. They shall support and work with the Vice President to implement programs and events at the apartments.

Section III. Election and Term of Office

  • The election of all the Executive Board officers shall be held during the last three (3) weeks of March (Spring session).
  • The members of the executive board shall serve in their office from the end of the Spring session until the end of the Spring session the following year.
  • All qualified adult residents of Jaguar Housing are eligible to vote. The majority of qualified residents present at the meeting during elections decide the vote (Qualified residents: are adult residents on a University Apartments lease over the age of 18).
  • A candidate running for either President or Vice President has to has held an elected position on a previous board for a duration of one semester and have attended at least three consecutive UCC general monthly meetings. If there are no prospective candidates that meet this criteria then the positions are open to any qualified student resident who has been a resident for at least one semester and fulfills the requirements listed in Article IV, Section I.
  • For all other Executive board positions (Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Historian or Secretary) the candidate must be a qualified student resident of Jaguar Housing for duration of one semester and have attended at least three previous General Monthly meetings. If no prospective candidate meets this criteria then the positions are open to any qualified student resident of Jaguar Housing who has been a resident for at least one semester and fulfills the requirements listed in Article IV, Section I.
  • The Area Representatives shall be filled on a voluntary basis or appointed by a board member unless there are more volunteers than seats, in which case the UCC members will vote to elect a suitable representative. Two area representatives can be selected for each Apartment complex for a total of eight.

Section IV. Qualifications for the Executive Board officers

  • A candidate for a council board position excluding area representatives must meet the requirements stated above in Article IV, Section I Candidates running for a position must meet the requirements in d or e of section III.
  • Plan on being a resident of the Jaguar Housing at least until the end of the next spring semester.

Section V. Removal of Officers

  1. Any officer absenting him/herself for 2 consecutive board meetings or two consecutive general meetings can be recommended for removal by the UCC board.
  2. If a UCC Executive Officer or Area Representative who is a student does not maintain the requirements found in Article IV Sections 1 and 2 they will be recommended for removal on the UCC Board.
  3. If a UCC Executive Officer or Area Representative violates a University or Community Center Policy the UCC Board by two/thirds vote can elect to enforce a sanction or elect toward removal from the UCC Board depending on the degree of the violation. The UCC Board member who has violated a policy or rule can be placed on temporary suspension from duties until a decision is reached by the UCC Executive Board.
  4. Repeat of a prior violation or offense shall be grounds for an officer's removal.
  5. A breach of this constitution shall be the reason for removal and can be recommended for removal by the UCC board.

The Removal Process

The person being reviewed for removal for any of the above stated reasons, will be sent a notice requesting he/she submit a written explanation or reply, which he/she should provide within a period of two weeks from the date the notice is post marked. The person being reviewed for removal shall send their written reply addressed to the UCC board by email to the President of the UCC, cc (carbon) the Advisor of the UCC. The person being reviewed for removal will be given an opportunity at the next subsequent General Meeting after they received notice for removal to share his/her perspectives and can request permission to remain in his or her position. Removal or stay shall be decided by a majority vote by the qualified members present at the general meeting.

Section VII. Vacancies

  • If the President’s position is vacated, it is to be filled by the existing Vice Presidents if he/she meets the requirements, until the next election when the position shall be filled by an open election.
  • Should any other vacancy occur, a candidate can be appointed by the President for a temporarily period until the next open election.
  • Qualified residents shall be properly notified of any board vacancy, time, and place of elections 10 business days prior to the election.

Section VIII. UCC Resident Membership

All members of UHV Community Council are subject to all official Student Rules and Regulations set forth by University of Houston-Victoria, the Department of Student Life and the Department of Housing (including Jaguar Community Center Rules and Regulations) b) Any member who ceases to be a resident of Jaguar Housing shall automatically cease to be a member of the UCC.

Article V. Advisors

Section I. Expectations

  • The advisor to the UHV Community Council shall be a University of Houston-Victoria employee as defined by the Human Resources Department or member of the Professional staff at the Jaguar Housing Facilities. The advisor will be willing to obtain an appropriate level of experience, resource information and knowledge related to the mission, purpose and activities of the club.
  • The advisor will regularly attend executive and general meetings. They will be available for consultation outside of these meetings.
  • The advisor will assist the organization with the development of goals and objectives for the academic year. The advisor will also assist the organization with event planning and facilitation. When necessary, the advisor will be willing to attend events when necessary as identified through the planning process.
  • The advisor will be aware of the University Code of Conduct and will assist the organization with adherence to these expectations.

Article VI.

Section I. Meetings

A). General Body Meetings:

  1. The General Body meeting shall be held a minimum of three times during a regular semester (Fall and Spring).
  2. Parliamentary procedure can be followed, but it is not mandatory.
  3. UCC will have the power to make its own by-laws. Recommendations are provided by the board to be decided upon by a majority vote of qualified members present at the general meeting.

B). Executive Board Meetings

  1. The executive board shall meet at least twice a month, during regular semesters (Fall and Spring). The day and time of the meeting will be decided by a majority of the officers present at the previous meeting.
  2. During summer months executive board members must be available for at least one meeting and for the summer leadership training.
  3. The President and Advisors as necessary can call emergency meetings.

Section II. Voting

All members of the UCC who are qualified residents of Jaguar Housing are eligible to vote. A qualified voter is a current adult resident on a Jaguar Housing lease.

Article VII. Finances

Section I. Dues

Membership is free and there are no dues.

Article VIII. Amendments and Revisions

Section I. Amendments

Amendments to this constitution shall enquire the majority vote of qualified voting members present at the general meeting and the approval of the director of student activities

Section II. Revision

This document must be reviewed every year and resubmitted to the Department of Student Life.