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Service Hours Requirements

Nu Gamma Nu Member Hours

10 Hours total:

2 hours can come from donating items to events, i.e. baked goods for bake sale, items for the silent auction, etc.

2 hours can come from non Nu Gamma Nu events, i.e. animal shelter, food pantry, assisting other UHV events.

2 hours can come from planning on event committees.

Remaining 4+ hours should come from assisting in actual Nu Gamma Nu events and fundraisers.

Academic Service Hours - Need a lab paper reviewed or a long thesis paper. Send it to our email (uhv.nugammanu@gmail.com) and we will have fellow members review for service hours.

For event and volunteer hours to qualify, member must wear Nu Gamma Nu shirt or name tag and should have an active officer initial the event/committee hours worked. However, keep track of all hours because Nu Gamma Nu will award scholarship money to the member with most overall hours that semester. To be eligible for the award, the member must have 10+ qualifying hours and must turn in Service Hour link.