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Start a New Organization

New organizations will register through JagSync. All required information must be completed before the organization is considered for approval.

  • Name of organization (use of the university name, initials, or logo is prohibited)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Constitution regarding its method of operation
  • Name of the faulty/staff advisor (organizations are required to have an advisor)
  • Names of five student officers
  • The organization’s membership must consist of UHV students only.

The following articles should be included in all organizational constitutions:

  • Name of the Organization (use of the university name, initials, or logo is prohibited)
  • Purpose of the Organization
  • Qualifications of Membership
  • Officers, the Election Process, and Duties (terms of office)
  • Selection of an Advisor
  • Meetings of the Organization
  • Attendance Requirements
  • Expulsion Requirements
  • Financial Obligations
  • Constitutional Amendments

These documents must be submitted before the organization is registered and considered for charter.

  • Hazing and Discrimination Disclaimer
  • Student Organization Financial Procedures
  • Constitution

The Office of Student Life and Services (SLS) will review the required submissions and verifying that the organization’s purpose is lawful and within university regulations. If the requirements of registration are not approved, the organization may appeal the decision to the Director of Student Life and Services.

  1. Sign into with your UHV email ID and password. If you have not joined JagSync, you must create a JagSync Personal Profile.
  2. Once in JagSync, click on the “Organizations” tab toward the top of the screen. Then, click on “Register New Organization” at the top right. You will then need to click on “Student Life” and select.
  3. Complete the New Organization Form. If you do not complete it, you will be able to return to the form by going to the “My Tools” section. Then, click on “Requests,” from there, click on the “Registrations” tab and it should appear. Please complete all fields of the registration request.

Be sure to review the Student Organization Procedures before completing the registration form.