Why join the Jaguar Jazz Team?

The Jaguar Jazz Team is about to complete it's first year as a student organization. Because it is a student organization, it needs committed students to run the program and help it grow. The president and vice president of JJT strive on making sure this organization remains a part of the University. One way JJT does this is by treating each other like family. Every member matters! Another way of accomplishing this is by hearing what our members have to say. Because JJT is new, we listen to the opinions of our team so we can get input on what we can do to improve the team.

If you join the Jaguar Jazz Team, you are helping the University grow and making a difference for students in the future. Members of the Jaguar Jazz Team today are helping shape JJT for tomorrow. Join the start of something big! Choose Jaguar Jazz Team.

2012-2013 New Members Information

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