The Jaguar Jazz Team was founded in September 2011 by Stephanie Ledwig of Victoria. The very first meeting was held in September telling all UHV students about the organization. Twenty-five students showed up to the meeting and fifteen decided to join. Since then the dance team has done fundraisers to raise money for costumes and necessities, performances of many kinds and team building with each other.

JJT strives to build a strong team in dance and in performance. JJT members practice twice a week and when needed, 3-4 times a week. JJT is growing and hopes to attend competitions in the future to come.

Our Mission is to To promote the art of dance in a fun and unique way.

2012-2013 New Members Information

What you should know about the Jaguar Jazz Team

Try Out Flyer

First Practice after Tryouts: Friday, September 14, 4pm-8:30pm

Jaguar Jazz Jaguar Jazz Jaguar Jazz Jaguar Jazz

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