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UHV Education Student Association


    • Section 1.
      • The term of office for the officers shall be one year or until their successors are duly qualified. Incumbents are eligible to seek reelection for one additional term. The officers shall assume office on January 1st following their election. Their term shall run from January 1st until December 31st. An officer must have been a member in good standing of the Association for at least one semester.
    • Section 2. The President:
      1. shall be the chief executive officer of the Association;
      2. shall represent the Association as spokesperson on matters of policy or assign responsibility for such representation;
      3. shall prepare the agenda and preside at all meetings of the Association;
      4. shall serve as ex officio member on all committees; and
      5. shall, with the approval of the Executive Committee, appoint the parliamentarian and the members of all standing committees.
    • Section 3. The Vice-President:
      1. shall preside in the absence of the President;
      2. shall perform other duties as delegated by the President and/or the Executive Committee; and
      3. shall assume the office of President upon death or resignation of the President
      4. shall assist Historian with preparation of newsletter
    • Section 4. The Treasurer:
      1. shall be responsible for the safekeeping and accounting of all funds;
      2. shall provide financial reports at each Executive Committee and Representative Assembly Meeting; and
    • Section 5. The Secretary
      • shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of general and Executive Committee meetings.
    • Section 6. The Historian/Social Director
      • The Historian/Social Director
        1. shall prepare an Association scrapbook;
        2. shall write a history of the year’s work;
        3. shall compile a newsletter with assistance from the Vice President;
        4. shall take pictures of Association events;
        5. and shall provide/secure expert help in the above areas.
    • Section 7.
      • In the event of a vacancy in the office of its Vice-President, Secretary and/or Treasurer, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term.
  • ARTICLE II. Executive Committee
    • Section 1.
      • The Executive Committee shall be the executive branch of this Association , and consist of the immediate past president and the current officers.
    • Section 2.
      • The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:
        1. to be responsible to the membership in all matters;
        2. to carry out the policies of the general meeting;
        3. to attend to the business of the Association between general meetings;
        4. to approve all members of committees;
        5. to receive all reports submitted by committees;
        6. to adopt the annual budget;
        7. to make available all official documents for inspection of the Association;
        8. cooperate with the President in setting up a schedule of meetings for the year;
        9. act on problems that need immediate attention; and
        10. have general direction of the work of all standing and special committees.
    • Section 3.
      • A quorum for the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of the members.
    • Section 4.
      • Any member of the Executive Committee who is absent for two (2) consecutive regular meetings or a total of three (3) meetings of the Executive Committee during an Association year shall forfeit his/her office.
    • Section 5.
      • Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be at a location designated by the President. The President shall notify the Executive Committee of the change in the location of their meeting.
    • Section 6.
      • The dates and times for Executive Committee meetings shall be set by the Executive Committee at its first meeting held after the November/December meeting at which officers for the next year are elected. Additional meetings may be called by the President.
  • ARTICLE III. General Meeting
    • Section 1.
      • Meetings. The Association shall hold four (4) meetings a semester at a time and location to be determined by the Executive Committee. Notice of all meetings shall be posted in all buildings of the Association.
    • Section 2.
      • Special Meetings. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the President, a majority of the Executive Committee, or upon written request of fifty-one percent (51%) of the members. These meetings will consider only items specified in the call for such a meeting and shall deal with important matters that arise between regular meetings and that urgently require action.
    • Section 3.
      • Powers and Duties. The general assembly shall:
        1. establish Association goals, objectives and policies;
        2. exercise final authority in all matters of the Association;
        3. adopt the rules and agenda governing its meetings; and
        4. enact such other measures as may be necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the Association which are not in conflict with this Constitution or the Bylaws.
  • ARTICLE IV. Committees
    • Section 1.
      • There shall be the following standing committee, in addition to the Executive Committee, appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Executive Committee: Audit, Elections.
    • Section 2.
      • Duties. The duties of the committee, as herein provided, shall be found in the Association Standing Rules.
    • Section 3.
      • Special committees may be established by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.
    • Section 4.
      • Special committees shall be established for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task within a limited period of time. The committee chairpersons shall be ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
  • ARTICLE V. Dues
    • Section 1.
      • Members shall pay annually the current fees for student membership in a professional organization as well as dues of $15.00 for the Association.
  • ARTICLE VI. Nominations and Elections
    • Section 1.
      • Elections will be conducted under guidelines approved by the general membership.   Section 2. All elections will be conducted using an open nomination and a secret ballot procedure.
  • ARTICLE VII. Due Process
    • Section 1.
      • The Association shall guarantee that no member will be censored, suspended or expelled without a due process procedure which shall include an appellate procedure.
    • Section 2.
      • The Association shall guarantee that no member of the Executive Committee shall be impeached and removed from office without a due process procedure which shall include an appellate procedure.
    • Section 3.
      • The general membership shall approve rules and procedures to implement those due process guarantees.
  • ARTICLE VIII.  Amendment Process
    • Section 1.
      • These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting at any general meeting.
    • Section 2.
      • Proposed changes in these Bylaws shall be presented in writing to the membership at least seven days prior to the meeting at which time they will be considered.
  • ARTICLE IX. Suspension Provision
    • Section 1.
      • Any provisions of these Bylaws may be suspended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting at any general meeting.
    • ARTICLE X. Parliamentary Authority
      • Section 1.
        • Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the authority on all questions of procedure not specified in this Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules.