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Transfer Credit

What is transfer credit?

  • College level courses taken at another institution, including in-state, out-of-state, and international institutions.

  • Coursework must come from an institution that has recognition in some form from the U.S. Department of Education or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

  • Courses must be equivalent to courses offered at UHV, and will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis by the appropriate UHV college for equivalency.

  • Courses must fulfill established degree requirements for graduation, as either elective or major credit, and will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis by the appropriate UHV school for applicability to the program of study.
  • Credit may be transferred for graduate credit courses completed with a grade of A or B and completed in residence under a graduate degree program at a college or university with recognition in some form from the U.S. Department of Education or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

  • Except for the graduate business program, the transfer student must complete 75% of the coursework required for a degree program at UHV (for example, 36 hours in a 48-hour program) unless transferring from a UH System institution.  In the latter case, the student must complete 50% at UHV.  The graduate business programs accept only 6 semester credit hours in transfer, subject to approval by the Dean's office.

  • Transfer credit grades are not included in calculating the UHV grade point average.

  • Dual credit earned while still in high school may be accepted in transfer when taken from an approved college or university (see second bulleted item above).  The credit must be of college level and must be shown on the college or university's official transcript.

  • Please see the Undergraduate and Graduate Transfer Credit sections of the academic catalog for specific transfer credit policies.

How to get your transfer credit posted:

  • Send an official transcript from the other institution to UHV.  Transfer credit is evaluated ONLY on official transcripts.

Office of Admissions
University of Houston-Victoria
3007 N. Ben Wilson
Victoria, TX  77901

  • The official transcript will be scanned and the transfer credit will be evaluated by the Student Records office and posted within 3-5 business days.
  • Remember to check with your academic advisor to see how your transfer credit applies to your degree plan.

  • Students can view their transfer credit on their myUHV account:

Student Center > Academics "other academic..." drop-down menu > Transfer Credit:Report >>Go

  • The student bears the final responsibility for securing the Office of the Registrar and Student Records' evaluation.  

  • Approval of transfer credit toward a degree is by the appropriate school dean with the advice and consent of the president or his/her designee.

Credit by Exam:

  • Only for undergraduate level credit.

  • Credit by exam scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency or posted as exam credit earned at an approved college or university and shown on the school's official transcript.

  • A student must earn credit at UHV before credit from exam will be posted to their account.

  • Exams students can take for UHV credit:
    • CLEP
    • AP
    • DANTES
    • IBD

  • If the exam or exam subject is not listed in the academic catalog, the student must appeal to their academic school to get credit.

  • Please see the Credit by Exam policies listed in the academic catalog for specific test score requirements and UHV course equivalencies.

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