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University of Houston-Victoria


University West, Suite 104
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4110

The Office of Admissions processes all applications for undergraduate, graduate, and international admission to the university, evaluates transcripts to determine a student's eligibility for admission according to the University and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and notifies students regarding their current admission status.

Career Services
University North, Suite 214
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4287

Career Services provides a full range of services to students, alumni, and employers that serve as a link between education and employment. For students, we offer workshops, coordinate special events, job fairs, and provide one-to-one guidance about the job search via email, telephone, or face-to-face sessions. Our website also offers numerous resources ranging from advice on job searching to useful links to job search databases by discipline. For employers, we coordinate on campus visits such as information sessions and interviews, and we host a free job board at UHVConnect. Please visit our campus to participate in various events.

Counseling, Health and Wellness
University West, Suite 132
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4135

Through episodic, short-term counseling services and virtual as well as face-to-face student outreach, the Counseling, Health and Wellness mission is to empower a very diverse UHV student body as capable and competent adults to better analyze, adapt, choose, and mediate the multiple, often competing life situations and factors required to positively affect personal change and enhance quality of life. Services also include consultation and training in campus mental health issues for UHV faculty, staff, and administration to function more effectively in their work with students.

Disability Services
University North, Suite 214 H
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4287

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, UHV is committed to providing quality services to students who have permanent disabilities or temporary injuries/conditions. We believe that all students who attend UHV should have the same opportunities to be successful in higher education. In order to minimize the impact of the disability in the academic setting, we arrange for reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and support services based on the specific needs of each student. We encourage prospective students to visit our campus any time or call our office to discuss services. Whether you are taking classes on campus, or by internet, we can provide the support you will need to have equal access to the educational opportunities offered at UHV.

Financial Aid
University West, Suite 110
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4125

The Office of Financial Aid at the University of Houston-Victoria is a team of professionals dedicated to helping students locate sources of federal, state and institutional financial aid to lessen the monetary burdens associated with higher education. The staff are available to educate and counsel students on financial aid available and assist in completing the necessary financial aid applications and forms. The staff will evaluate the student's file and award scholarships, grants, work study jobs, and student loans in accordance with the student's financial need and eligibility based on federal, state and institutional regulations.

PeopleSoft and Development Services
University West, Suite 133

The PeopleSoft and Development Services team provides functional and technical support for the 'student side' of myUHV.  Our responsibilities include business process analysis, third-party system integrations, end-user support, issue tracking, training, and testing.  In addition to PeopleSoft we also support the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system as well as some in-house systems.  All areas of the university rely on date and fuctionality in these systems to improve our students' experience, meet federal and state guidelines, increase enrollment and retention, and maximize business process efficiencies.

Residence Life
Jaguar Hall
2705 Houston Hwy
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4404

Residence Life offers a safe place for students to live, while making the most of their social and academic lives, all while supporting the academic mission of UHV. Our goal is to provide students with an environment that is conducive for their academic success; a place for students to make new friends, participate in fun and informative programs and to take advantage of all the resources available. Living on campus at UHV means living in a community of students. Students will be meeting and interacting with many different types of people from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. Each community has residence life staff members to help and support students as they find their place in the community. Since the residence hall environment also has an impact upon the development and well being of residents, programs and services are provided to positively shape the quality of the on-campus living experience.

Student Life and Services
Jaguar Hall, Suite 1131
2705 Houston Hwy
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4411

Student Life & Services helps students achieve their academic goals and enhance their intellectual and social development through a variety of programs and services. We promote student leadership, collegiality, and good citizenship. The Office supports the academic mission of UHV, assures the rights of students, and ensures students get the support necessary to be successful at UHV and in their communities.

We contribute to a healthy, safe, and productive academic environment and are responsive to the needs of our diverse student body. Students are encouraged to contact us with any questions or needs they may have.

Student Recruitment
University West, Suite 104
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4865

The Student Recruitment team recruits underclassmen to UHV's Victoria home campus, and assists students with not only the application process, but with all the steps leading up to enrollment, connecting students to enrollment-processing resources like Admissions, Financial Aid, fee payment, and Housing. The team also does outreach through the Letting Education Achieve Dreams program….an educational awareness program seeking to increase the educational attainment level in the UHV region. Team members assist students to prepare for success in earning the desired degrees at UHV by offering programs, workshops, and individual counseling for students and parents from middle school level on up, and especially for first generation families and those who are underserved and underrepresented.

Student Success Coaches
University West, Suite 133
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4288

Success Coaches help students acquire the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in higher education by providing support and connections to resources. Student Success Coaches provide intrusive academic advising services for freshmen and sophomores, preparing them for their degree programs. In addition, Success Coaches provide success coaching sessions for all students to help them make their short and long-term goals a reality.

Student Success Testing and Tutoring
University West, Suite 129
Toll Free: 1-877-970-4848, Ext. 4288

Student Success Testing and Tutoring is a resource center for students, faculty, and staff. We offer writing assistance, subject-area tutoring, testing services, and information resources. We hire between 10 and 14 students every semester to work as writing or subject-area tutors and are always interested in receiving applications. Find out how to apply by visiting our website.

We offer face-to-face writing assistance at Victoria and it is also available online. After registering at WCOnline, students can make appointments for face-to-face tutoring and submit documents for online tutoring. Trained tutors review documents, make suggestions for revision, and discuss techniques for analyzing and revising writing. A library of articles written by writing tutors is available on our website.

In response to student or instructors' requests, the Center also offers subject-area tutoring in mathematics, computer science, and biology during some semesters. We post what's available each semester our website, so please stop by.

We also provide academic testing services in Victoria for UHV students (correspondence and practice TExES/ExCET exams) and on behalf of UHV faculty (makeup exams). A variety of standardized tests, e.g. the THEA Quick Test (formerly Quick TASP), TExES/ExCET, and Subject GRE, are also offered, and our website contains an up-to-date list of tests offered and appointment times, when applicable.