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Staff Council

FY 2013 Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2013

Chair: Billy Lagal

Vice Chair: Harry Bashaw

Secretary: Mary Field

Exempt Representative: Mindi Gill

Non-Exempt Representative: Pamela Solomon

Representatives at large present: Melissa Jersild UHSCR and Tamara Lair UHSL

Cinco Ranch

Sugar Land - Robert Tonsul, Joan Bauman, Kristy Hennessey, Vicki Causey, Angela Green and Tamara Lair

Victoria - Mary Field, Billy Lagal, Veronica Gonzalez. Harry Bashaw, Shirley Jung, Leticia Briones, Dina Boothe, Vera Akinkuotu, Juan Diego Martinez, Mary Borden, Emily Harrison, Cherlyn Hodge, Natalia Ruiz, Ana Laura Pineda, Deborah Westbrook, Amy Hatmaker, George Rodriguez, Jeremy Shapiro, Lou Ella Callarman, Victoria Brieske, Carol Roby, Kaleena Trevino, Theresa Hawken, Jeffrey Cass, Yvonne Garcia and Lawrence Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 10: am Tuesday July 9, 2013

Jeffrey Cass updates

New programs

  • Science Masters
  • Master of Fine Arts and Creative Writing-ties into the ABR and Publishing
  • Bachelor in Health Studies-Allied Health Degree
  • Masters of Science in Nursing-Nurse Practitioners

Recruiters have started advising students

293 freshmen as of date, the goal is 360

New dorm is ready

UHV looking to expand into HCC-Katy

Jay Lambert is new AVP

Hiring AVP in Advancement soon

Question & Answer session with Provost Cass:

Question-Is there an update on the new Economic building


Question-What is the status of the MOU with VC and can recruiting be done the semester before it expires?

Answer-2+2 program was signed with VC and looking to sign one with Wharton Community College

Question-Are there plans to make designated student meeting places?

Answer- The students will have access to rooms in Jaguar Suites and they also can reserve conference rooms and the multi-purpose room.

Question- Anything new on raises?

Answer- UHV is down in enrollment but trying to set aside money for raises, they depend on the enrollment numbers for the Fall and Spring

Question- Are there plans for UHSL?

Answer- Dick Phillips is working on a plan for a Welcome Center that will be used by all the schools in Sugar Land, students will be able to walk into one place and be directed where they need to go for advising. More internal and external signage is in the process of being added.

Question- Are there plans for the Katy campus?

Answer- The issue of partnering with HCC Katy is being considered for space reasons.


  1. Visit is April 7, 2014
  2. September compliance certification is turned in
  3. Offsite team reviews materials
  4. Respond with Focus report
  5. Quality enhancement plan, “Live and Learn”
  6. Fall to refine plan
  7. December 2014- find out if re-accredited

Provost⇒Staff -What should be addresses in the coming year?

  • Parking issues at UHSL, Dr. Cass said he did not know of any plans but will discuss it with D. Phillips.
  • Reserved parking spots for staff at Jaguar Hall
  • MOU with VC, find out exactly recruiters can work in VC’s area

Harry Bashaw did an overview presentation of Staff Council

Election deadline for staff council is 7/10/13 5pm.

Corporate Cup signup is July 17th in Conf. Room A from 3-4pm.