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Staff Council

FY 2013 Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2013

Chair: Billy Lagal

Vice Chair: Harry Bashaw

Secretary: Mary Field

Representatives at large present: Mindi Gill UHV and Melissa Jersild UHSCR

Cinco Ranch - Melissa Jersild

Sugar Land - Vicki Causey, Kristy Hennessey and Anette Phillips

Victoria - Billy Lagal, Emily Harrison, Mary Field, Sam Bell, Tracey Fox, Magen Besancon, Clint Chovanec, Gabriel Striedel, Mary Gutierrez, Cherlyn Hodge, Connie Rodriquez, Dina Boothe, Mindi Gill, Courtney Geistman, Leticia Briones, Miles Harrison, Tabatha Temple, Amy Hatmaker, Jeremy Shapiro, Vikki Fitzpatrick.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00pm Thursday March 7, 2013

Cabinet updates:

  1. Incident at Lone Star College has UHV working on an Emergency Notification Plan (ENP) for UHV and the four campuses.
  2. Question from the city of Victoria to UHV and VC “What would the schools like to see incorporated into the new proposed event center for the city”.
  3. Two more properties are being purchased by UHV across the street.

UCEC-University System Staff Executive Council

  1. Harry Bashaw is the 2013 UCEC Chair
  2. April 22, 2013 UHV will host UCEC
  3. Listserv link:

You can add your email to be kept in the loop of UH happenings (was not sure what to call it)

Staff Morale Survey

The survey results just came out and contains a lot of data, a condensed version is in the process of being worked on to be released.


  1. Andrea Dry reported from Alumni relations that the monthly networking luncheons will be continuing at UHV
  2. The Alumni office will also start establishing UHV Alumni chapters in Victoria, Katy and Sugar Land

All for One Campaign is still open if you would like to contribute call 361-570-4812

Office of Advancement

Is hiring ______ didn’t catch all of it.

2530 freshmen have applied for Fall 2013 and 995 have been accepted as of this date


  1. Salary roll out date is 4/1/13, everyone 5/8/13
  2. Training starts this month and April

Corporate Cup

The question was brought up is this something UHV wants to continue doing. Responses were that the corporate cup is good for morale and our place in the community.

It was also brought up how we can incorporate more of the staff into the corporate cup.

Wellness Programs

It was brought up what types of programs can be done for staff for better health and wellness?

Walking trail around campus or maybe discount programs for local gyms?

Meeting Frequency

Billy apologized for the gap from the last meeting to now because he was waiting on a confirmation from a speaker.

He said his plan is to have Staff Council Meetings every other month with monthly emails to keep staff informed.