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Staff Council

FY 2013 Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2012

Chair: Billy Lagal
Vice Chair:
Harry Bashaw
Mary Field
Representatives at large present:
Tamara Lair (UHSSL), Melissa Jersild (UHSCR)

Attendees UHV: Billy Lagal, Harry Bashaw, Mary Field, Shirley Jung, Courtney Geistman, Amy Hatmaker, Berika Williams, Samantha Bell, Greg Garcia, Eden R. Gonzalez, Tabatha Temple, Leticia Briones, Aurora Robinson, Elizabeth Corte, Vikki Fitzpatrick, Melody Olsen, Sandy Hybner, Yvonne Garcia, Becky Townsend, Lindsey Koch, Rebecca Heilman and Ashleigh Kellis-Carr.

Attendees UHSSL: Tamara Lair

Attendees UHSCR: Melissa Jersild

  • The meeting was called to order by Billy Lagal, Chair at 9:00am on September 6, 2012. Billy recognized the new officers.

Guest Speakers: Jill Fox and Uppinder Mehan

  • SACS-Moving along with compliance, spring and summer will be spent tweaking, immediate responses from everyone have been helpful.
  • Getting ready to hire associate Director for assessments with the faculty, Jill will be working with the staff. Any questions on SACS call Jill Fox.
  • QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)-headed by U. Mehan and L. Rossow. Concerns from Faculty, staff and students; important for faculty and staff to feel empowered and engaged, student life crucial to the Learning Community.
  • QEP final due to SACS December 2013
  • SACS onsite visit April 17, 2014

Staff and Campus Updates:

  • Cinco Ranch- Alicia Edwards left and being replaced by Delandra Hampton, Certification Analyst position open, Nicole Foster left Allison will replace her, Elaina Douglas left and her position is moving to Sugar Land.
    A&S, Educ. and SBA are holding undergraduate classes partnered with HCC
  • Sugar Land- Faculty offices are in the process of moving Thursday and Friday and Staff offices will move from the George to the Brazos building Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  • Victoria-274 new freshmen on campus


  • Comments about this year’s Convocation were that it was better than last years, some sound issues but they were resolved by Lindsey, AC was broken but was being fixed by facilities as the event was going on, food was good. Guest Speaker was UH Chancellor Renu Khator, overall comments were good.
  • There was also a groundbreaking ceremony for Jaguar Suites, a sophomore dormitory, scheduled to open fall 2013.
  • Convocation for Sugar Land and Katy will be September 25, 2012
  • Billy brought up the idea about how to have all three UHV campuses to get together for fellowship.
  • It was asked if staff would be interested in a company picnic done halfway between Victoria and Sugar Land, something family oriented. Fundraisers would have to be done in order to pay for it.

Ideas for fundraisers:

  • 5-10k fun run- Victoria College has contacted Billy about bringing the two campuses together for a fun run, he has a meeting with them later today. This would help bring the two campuses together and raise money for staff council. It would be open to all and also be a CHIP event for serious runners. Thinking of Jan. or Feb. when there are not any other runs being held and weather is cool, would be held on UHV campus.
  • Parking Space Raffle further details will be coming.
  • Other ideas suggested: chili, BBQ, cook-off with the possibility of arts and crafts booth spaces. Community garage sale, it was suggested that this be done at the end of a semester so students could clean out their dorms or at the beginning so they could furnish them.
  • If you have any ideas for fundraisers share them with Billy Lagal at

Monthly Birthday Parties:

  • it was brought up if the months should be rotated between the depts. and everyone seems happy with the way it is.

Employee Lounge:

  • It was brought up since the lounge downstairs in the west building is now The Spot for students that the faculty/staff lounge upstairs be updated and extras added to it for the staff; such as new furniture (the old furniture from the downstairs lounge, TV, newspaper, magazines and maybe a computer.
  • It was also brought up that the center building has lost their employee lounge and maybe some space could be found there for one.


  • The employee morale survey will be out the end of October it is for all UH campuses and results will be sent to the board of regents.
  • There are also plans for an Idea Survey for staff to see what they would like to participate in or ideas for fundraising.
  • It was also brought up if “Off the Clock” should be brought back.
  • Sandy Hybner also brought up about the 40th year celebration if there were going to be staff appreciation events going on for the year similar to the 25th year celebration. Billy said he would talk to Nancy Gresham to find out.

Adjournment: Billy Lagal requested a motion to adjourn which was made and seconded at 10:00am.