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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2011
Meeting Minutes
August 20, 2010

Chair: Miles Harrison

Vice Chair: Lawrence Nelson

Secretary: Jamie Lincke

Representatives at Large: Emily Seale, Matt Alexander, Angela Cowan, Rosemary McCusker

Past Chair: Lisa Barr

Attendees UHV: Lawrence Nelson, Jamie Lincke, Emily Seale, Anna Celum, Mary Borden, Magen Besancon, Margaret Rice, Leonard Buckner, Harry Bashaw, James Garcia, Rhiannon Smith, Robin Cadle, Emily Harrison, Michael Guion, Lisa Barr, Della Rampley, Dr. Don Smith, Kristen Lindley, Lindsey Koch, Juan Diego Martinez

Attendees UHSSL: Angela Green, Kathy Causey, Alexis Brooks, Kristy Hennessey

Attendees UHCR: Rosie McCusker

The meeting was called to order by Lawrence Nelson, Vice Chair, at 10:03 AM on August 20, 2010.

Lisa Barr recognized the 2009-2010 outgoing officers and introduced the 2010-2011 incoming officers.

After review of the minutes, Lisa motioned for the minutes to be approved with changes and Emily seconded the motion. Under “Guest Speaker”, the sentence: “Laura and Susan gave a presentation on the many factors of employment with UHV, and the process of hiring or changing jobs at UHV” has been changed to “Laura and Susan gave a presentation on the Staff Pay Plan Administration and the process for reviewing positions for classification. The market study process/analysis was also discussed during the presentation.

The change of the minutes has been posted to the Staff Council website and was sent via e-mail to all UHV staff.

President’s Cabinet Update: Lawrence gave a quick cabinet update for Miles: Wayne Beran presented pictures of the Holiday Inn infrastructure before and current, move in dates are expected on the 5th and 6th of September, employee walkthroughs might possibly be held on Sept. 4th, all new electrical and plumbing systems were put in throughout Jaguar Hall, the Fire Marshal is scheduled to visit on August 20th to do an inspection for the Jaguar Hall certificate of occupancy, Ben Wilson/Rio Grande intersection lights should be completed soon and the sidewalks in a couple of months, UHV is going to buy a blue building along with the land near Jaguar Hall for storage and greater accessibility into Jaguar Hall, in hopes of reducing traffic congestion/accidents, we are currently working with Casa Del Rio for more student housing next year, UH System wants to build partnerships with housing groups, Chari Norgard spoke about student recruitment, registration, and enrollment, 21 upper-division students are co-enrolled with VC, a handful of lower division students are co-enrolled with VC, we are still receiving applications, 50 soccer students are being housed at Quality Inn, we are awaiting the minutes from SACS for a more precise update, SACS indentified 5 areas of weakness that we need to improve on, the Board of Regents approved requested tenures and promotions, and UHV once again took the lead over other system campuses with regard to enrollment increases.

University Update: Dr. Rice introduced our interim president, Dr. Don Smith, who spoke a few minutes on our current challenges, such as Jaguar Hall and the incoming freshmen and sophomores. He stated that he will be sending regular updates on the process and anyone is more than welcome to come by his office with any questions or concerns. Dr. Rice gave a quick update: She welcomed the first soccer players and their families, there are 300 freshmen and sophomores currently enrolled, Sept. 9th will be the community welcome event, Dr. Mark Ward (School of Arts and Sciences) with the Chamber will be holding group presentations on the new millennium of connecting, Jaguar Hall is coming along, we are at 90% of our budget, and there are currently 3,739 students enrolled at UHV for the fall semester.

Guest Speaker: None.

Old Business: Lisa gave an end of the year recap with thanking her hard working team of outgoing officers. She also included: They made several changes to the constitution, held a bi-annual food drive, researched career paths/ladders, researched work at home programs, initially created the bus stop in front of the campus on Ben Wilson, surveyed the staff on day care on campus and monthly birthdays, held meetings in Sugar Land, attended USSEC meetings, added Dr. Rice to the agenda, added a guest speaker to the agenda, maintained the website, and added a staff council email address for concerns.

Anna gave a USSEC update. Anna will be the outgoing President and Ron Klinger from UH-Clear Lake will become the new President.

Lawrence gave an update on the food drive, which brought in 2500 pounds of food. Team President won both contests and will be awarded soon with an ice cream party, personalized brick, and the pink flamingo.

New Business: None.


Corporate Cup 2010 is around the corner. Contact Karen Pantel to sign-up.

ABR Fall 2010 Reading Series starts on Wednesday, Sept. 1st.

Our interim president is Dr. Don Smith. He is located on the 3rd floor in UC building.

Our vice chancellors assisting with the president search are Dr. John Antel, and Dr. Ed Hugetz. Miles sent all staff their contact information via e-mail.

Adjournment: Mary motioned to adjourn at 10:46 am and Anna seconded the motion.