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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2010

Chair: Lisa Barr
Vice Chair: Miles Harrison
Secretary: Emily Seale
Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Emily Seale, Lisa Barr, Anna Celum, Jamie Lincke, Emily Harrison, Jolynn Young, Robert Tonsul

Attendees UHSSL: Anette Phillips, Angela Cowan, Alexis Brooks

Attendees UHCR: None

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 2:15 PM on May 13, 2010.

Jamie motioned for the April minutes to be approved, and Jolynn seconded the motion.

President's Cabinet Update: Lisa reported there were 122 students who tried out for the soccer team, and 60-70 potential golf students. Also, there are functions in PeopleSoft that are not being used, so Chari Norgard is looking into letting staff know about these functions. Joe Ferguson reported that new faculty and staff will go through New Employment training all in one day. There will be a UT grant writer coming to UHV to help faculty and staff learn about grant writing. Graduation will take place on May 15, and there are about 3,000 attendees expected to show. UHV will be featured in the University Business magazine on how to change hotels into dorm rooms. Lastly, Lisa reported that Rockport, TX was interested in a satellite campus of UHV.

University Update: Dr. Rice reported that Geanie Morrison would be the guest speaker at graduation. She also talked about the Crossroads Commission on Education, established by Geanie Morrison, that it was made up of 20 community members, and they have established sub-committees including one to research on what will UHV need to grow. For more information on the Crossroads Commission on Education, please contact Dr. Rice at

Guest Speaker: There was no guest speaker for the month of May.

Old Business
Work off campus policy update: The committee is waiting for a policy from UH main campus. They are still working on the policy.

Day care survey responses: Lisa went over the results from the Staff Council survey that went out in the previous month to determine the need for day care or child care for students, faculty and staff on the Victoria, Cinco Ranch and Sugarland campuses. The survey was distributed by UHV email, and over 250 people from all 3 campuses participated in the survey. The results show that 78% of staff and 39% of faculty participated in the survey. 2% of students participated in the survey which was partially expected to be a low number since it is known that students do not check their UHV student email accounts as often as faculty or staff. 77% agree or strongly agree that there is a need for childcare on campus. For more information on the survey, please contact Lisa at

New Business
Nominating committee members: Lisa asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee. There shall be four people on the committee, two exempt and two non-exempt. Jamie Lincke volunteered to serve on the committee.

Efficiency Project: In the efficiency survey done by Wayne Beran's office, there was a suggestion to change the ways birthday celebrations were held on campus. As far as Staff Council was concerned, with the voting that took place in previous months, the birthday celebrations will remain the same as previously voted on (departments who want to volunteer will be assigned a month, and should provide at least a dessert and drink, but are welcome to provide more than that).

Summer Food Drive: The summer food drive will be held July 19-30. The competition will be between the 4 schools and 3 VPs offices.

Fundraisers/Parking Spot Raffle: Lisa asked for suggestions on how Staff Council could raise funds for our account. One idea she had was to sell Tervis Tumblers with the UHV Jaguar logo on the cup. These would sell for $20. Staff Council will be doing a parking spot raffle. More details on this fundraiser will be given at next month's meeting.

No announcements at this time.

Anna motioned to adjourn the meeting and Jamie seconded the motion at 3:15 PM.