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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2010

Chair: Lisa Barr
Vice Chair: Miles Harrison
Secretary: Emily Krenek
Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Lawrence Nelson, Patty Briones, Cindy Ozuna, Stephen Kilgore, Arsalan Oljamil, Ovidio Garcia, Miles Harrison, John Ellis, Anna Celum, Jamie Lincke, Janet Lyon, Bethany Bowman, Emily Krenek

Attendees UHSSL: none

Attendees UHCR: none

The meeting was called to order by Miles Harrison, Vice- Chair, at 2:05 PM on February 11, 2010.

John Ellis motioned the January 2009 minutes be approved with no changes, and Anna Celum seconded the motion.

There was no Cabinet Update from Lisa Barr or Dr. Margaret Rice; they were both unable to attend the meeting.

Guest Speaker

John Ellis gave a presentation about what the Marketing department was doing in order to help recruit underclassmen before the start of the fall 2010 semester. Some topics included the importance of marketing to juniors in high school, the help of recruiters is very important to marketing, and that marketing is working on and has produced many marketing pieces, including direct mail and personalized pieces going out via mail or email to both parents and students. Ovidio Garcia also gave an update: 481 underclassmen applicants, 95 admitted to UHV, and 386 applications pending. For more information on this presentation, or if you have any questions, you may contact John Ellis at

Old Business

Food Bank Results- Lawrence Nelson announced that we raised about 1100 pounds of food and the Small Business Development Center won both the food drive contest as well as the diaper drive contest.

USSEC Meeting- Anna Celum gave an update on the USSEC meeting that was held on January 14, 2010. Sherri Howard came to speak about the UH main campus childcare center and answer any questions the other campuses might have had. She said USSEC was continuing to focus on childcare at this time and at the next meeting, would be coming up with and talking about other issues that could be affecting all UH System campuses.

New Business

The next Staff Council Charitable Project will be coming up in July. Miles asked if there were any secrets to how they won, and staff from the SBDC said the more people that were aware of the food drive, the more they gave. Also, it was suggested to hold the food drive at Wal-Mart or H-E-B when the food drive is open to the public. John Ellis suggested getting all departments involved for 100% participation from UHV.

Jaguar Hall ideas- right now, the blueprints are not very accurate since it has been renovated so many times. A question about closed doors has been brought up because of fire hazards and other situations, and they are working on ways to solve the problem. The security system will also have to be worked on as far as who has access to what parts of the building at the dorms and at what times.


The Korean teacher’s reception will take place following the Staff Council meeting at 3:00 PM in Conference Room A.


John motioned to adjourn the meeting and Lawrence seconded the motion.