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Staff Council


Staff Council FY 2009

Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2009


Chair:Denise Prescott

Vice Chair: Lisa Barr

Secretary: Cassandra Clark

(minutes completed by Emily Krenek)


Attendees UHV: Harry Bashaw, Miles Harrison, Marci Wallace, Jan Wendt, Tracey Moore-Sweeney, Steven Nickel, Anna Celum, Lynn Silkey, Shirley Jung, Mary Borden, Emily Krenek, Emily Harrison, Sunitha Subbaiah, Paula Cobler, Susie Motal, Nancy Penry, Lisa Barr, Denise Prescott, Cassandra Clark


Attendees UHSSL: Darren Keesee, Alexis


Attendees UHCR:


The meeting was called to order by Denise Prescott, Chair, at 2:00 PM on July 29, 2009.


A motion was made by Paula Cobler and seconded by Emily Krenek to approve the minutes from the April 16, 2009 meeting.  No changes were made to the minutes.


Old Business

            Birthdays – survey sent out by the Birthday Party committee. 42 votes for, 41 votes against.  If the votes were favorable, we would elect a committee to move foward.  Denise asked if we wanted to have a committee or vote at that time.  A suggestion by Lisa Barr was made to have a committee from Staff Council to help departments plan birthday parties.  Denise mentioned that everyone is trying to watch their budgets and many departments did not feel like they could contribute as much as other departments.  Another suggestion was made to send out a second survery and gather more detailed data by department to see how many departments would continue to want to participate in monthly birthday parties.  More discussion about the monthly birthday parties included that the Library, for instance, did not feel like they were using their time wisely to put on a party just to have no one show up.  Denise also mentioned that Dr. LaBrecque’s department felt like the party did not “generate what she thought they should generate for her department…”  Denise stated that we will have a committee to do more detailed research.  The volunteers for this committee include: Shirley Jung, Jan Wendt, Emily Harrison and Susie Motal.    Denise left it up to the committee to determine how the birthday parties would proceed.

            Community Service Project – Mary Ann Rivera, Anna Celum and Lynn Silkey (committee members) stated that they have no new information at this time; the Staff Council must now decide which project to work on.  Denise stated that the project(s) could, but did not have to be, the same on the UHV campus as the UHSSL and UHCR campuses.  UHSSL stated that they have not really talked about a community service project on their campus.  A suggestion was to have one project each semester (Spring and Fall).  No decisions were made as far as committing to a service project.

            Meeting Times- Denise said that she had been working with Anna Celum and Lisa Barr to set Staff Council meeting times to a specific time and date.  It seems that a monthly meeting would be better.  She stated that it should work with the master calendar and others’ schedule as well as to not conflict with other events.  Lisa stated that she would prefer the second Thursday of each month.  Denise said that a final decision could be made at the next meeting under direction of Lisa. 

            Staff Council Elections- Denise thanked the election committee (Lynn Silkey, Susie Motal, Miles Harrision and Emily Krenek) for getting the word out, receiving nominations and sending the ballot out.  She also encouraged everyone to vote and tell their coworkers to vote as well.

            Charitable Project Committee- Lisa said most things were covered during old business, and Marci Wallace made the comment that the Scouts do a large canned-food drive in the Fall.  Lisa said she would call and see when they had a low amount of donations as opposed to a larger amount of donations.

            On-Campus Day Care – A committee was put together to do research for if and when the time comes to have an on-campus daycare, Staff Council would be ready.  The committee members would not be able to continue serving, so a new committee was formed.  Miles Harrison is the committee chair.  Lisa said a survey would be a good idea to see who would use an on-campus day care to collect data for who would use it and their demographics.  Denise also mentioned opening it up to High School and Hospital employees to gain more interest and clients. 

            Summer Flex Schedule – Denise stated that summer flexing ends August 4, 2009.  If you are going back to the regular flex schedule prior to summer flexing, you do not have to complete any new forms.  If you wanted to try a new schedule, it would have to be approved by the correct supervisors.


New Business

            Work at Home Policy- Lisa stated that there might be a need for a work at home policy.  The main reason is that we have a lot of online courses and online tech support who are paid hourly by working from their on-campus location, and there is not a policy in place to allow employees to work at home and be compensated for their time and effort.       When hurricane season comes through, and there are things that need to get done but we are not physically present, there may be a need for a work at home policy.  A lot of state agencies do not have a work at home policy, but many private companies do.  It is a very practical need.  Lisa suggested to form a committee, and work closely with human resources.  Lisa also asked Sugarland that if anyone had talked about it or had reasons why one should be implemented, to please let her or someone at UHV know.



            Corporate Cup- sign up sheets are available if anyone is intersted in signing up.  Contact Karen Pantel for more information.  T-shirt contest is still open until tomorrow, July 30, 2009. 

            Summer Enrollment Changes- any ERS changes needs to be in to Denise by Friday, July 31, 2009. 

            UHV Website Redesign- Marci Wallace is working on UHV website redesign.  She asked anyone who could to please stay afterwards for 20-30 minutes to help with input. 



            The meeting was motioned to adjourn and seconded.