Student Development

Wellness Watch

Student Development Wellness Watch Program is intended to get University of Houston-Victoria Students on a path to better health! This is a four-dimensional program that will offer:

Dimension 1-Assesment: (2 points, 1 to begin the program and 1 end the program)

Fit Together Questionnaire (While your results are for personal use, please submit the reference number at the top of your results to receive your points.

Dimension 2-Health Literacy:

Examples Include:

Health Related Seminars
Health Related Lectures
Health Related Programs
Health Related Workshops

Dimension 3-Intervention: Wellness Screenings:

Examples Include:

Alcohol Abuse
Breast Cancer
High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol Screening
Tobacco Use
Drug Dependency

Dimension 4- Physical Fitness:

Examples Include:

Participation in Fitness/Exercise Program or Class
University/community sports events
walk/runs dedicated to a cause (i.e. American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, etc.)

How it works!

After the completion of registration and the Fit Together Questionnaire, each participant will be awarded 1 point. Dimensions 2-4 can be completed in any order, Dimension 1 must be completed with registration. Students can then use the information gained from the appraisal to develop personalized wellness goals and strategies. All information provided is private and confidential. Upon completion of the first Fit Together Questionnaire, all Programs eligible for UHV Wellness Watch points are either hosted, sponsored, or approved by: University of Houston-Victoria Student Life, Counseling Center, and/or Departments and Colleges.

Although we want to encourage participation in the entire program, students are free to choose the programs within any level that they choose. For each activity a student participates in, the student will be awarded an additional point. To complete the program and be entered into the drawing in the Spring semester, a student must have earned a total of 15 points by APRIL 17, 2014. DRAWINGS WILL ONLY BE HELD IN THE SPRING SEMESTER OF EACH SCHOOL YEAR AND ELIGIBLE STUDENTS MUST BE FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE, GRADUATE AND/OR POST-DOCTORAL STUDENTS currently enrolled at the University of Houston-Victoria.

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