Jaguar Activities Board

Jaguar Activities Board

Mission Statement

JAB is the campus activities board under the Department of Student Life and Services and the Division of Student Affairs. Its mission is threefold. Most directly and primarily, JAB serves as a real-world professional development opportunity for its student employees and staff. More broadly, it provides incentives and a natural beginning for new students to initiate their involvement at UHV and develop as student leaders. Most visibly, JAB is charged with the responsibility of enhancing the student’s co-curricular experience by providing unique and exciting entertainment and programming opportunities to reach, energize, and invigorate the entire student body.

Core Values

We value Integrity, therefore; we expect staff and students to act with integrity at all times.

We value Service, therefore; we implore students and staff to serve as agents of change through meaningful, reciprocal contributions within the campus, local and national communities.

We value Professionalism, therefore; we require staff and students to be educated on and behave in accordance with professional and ethical standards both in the workplace and in their daily lives.

We value Leadership, therefore; we empower students and staff to become leaders through professional, and social development.

We value Diversity, therefore; we promote and celebrate a deeper understanding and appreciation for all persons through inclusive programs and services.

We value Collaboration, therefore; we share information, exchange ideas, and work together with students, student organizations, colleagues, and the community within a context of mutual respect.

We value Education, therefore; we encourage all student employees, volunteers, and program attendees to manage their time and properly prioritize their schoolwork over other desires and responsibilities when necessary.


If you are interested in joining JAB, stop by Student Life & Services in Jaguar Hall, suite 1135 or contact Dawn Savage at 361-485-4496

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