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Purchasing Department

IT Commodity Purchasing Program (formerly CISV)

The purpose of the IT Commodity Purchasing Program is to allow departments the opportunity to purchase automated information systems products and / or services in an efficient, cost effective, and competitive procurement method. The IT Commodity Purchasing Program replaces the Catalog Information Systems Vendor (CISV) program formerly used to purchase IT commodities.

When purchasing Automated Information System (AIS) products or services it is a University requirement to use a company that offers the best value to the University as described below.

Program Definitions:

Automated Information System (AIS) Products / Services – Products or services that are associated with automation (computers) or telecommunications systems. Includes hardware, software, programming, maintenance, repair, and installation of systems.

Department of Information Resources (DIR) – The state agency charged with managing the State’s information resources. DIR Website.

Go DIRect Purchasing Program – The program established by the DIR to facilitate the procurement of IT products and services quickly and at reduced costs. The program allows consumers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor. UHV is participating in the Go DIRect program for the procurement of IT commodities. Go DIRect - DIR Store Website.

Best Value – When a purchase is based on the best available offer and is in the University’s best interest. Purchases can be based on, but not limited to:

  • installation / hardware costs;
  • overall life cycle cost of the equipment;
  • the estimated cost / increase of employee training;
  • employee productivity; and
  • software and maintenance costs

How to Purchase:

These procedures are intended to help departments determine the best value method for purchasing IT commodities or services.

  1. Delegated Department Purchases: (Please review list of exceptions.)
    1. Under $500 - Purchase is at the department's discretion. Department can use any vendor, and any purchasing method, including ProCard.
    2. $500 - $3000 – Purchase using the Go DIRect Purchasing Program, to ensure best value to the University. Go DIRect - DIR Store Website.
      1. Note – The following statement is required to be included on the ProCard expense report or Voucher: "Under $3000 purchased through DIR Contract # DIR-XXX-XXX."
  2. Non-Delegated Department Purchases
    1. Over $3000 - All orders must be requisitioned through the Purchasing Department.
      1. Note – If you are requisitioning an item from a DIR contract and you have the Contract number please put the number on the Purchase Requisition.

(Note: IT should be consulted about Software purchases if IT support of the software is expected.)


The following exceptions apply:

  1. If the item is $500 or over and not available through the Go DIRect Purchasing Program, item must be requisitioned through purchasing.
  2. All Computer and Laptop purchases require a requisition regardless of the dollar amount. Departments are advised to coordinate all desk and laptop purchases with the IT department prior to purchase.
  3. Controlled assets must be requisitioned for inventory tracking purposes. Controlled assets include assets that do not meet the capitalization threshold but must be secured and tracked due to the nature of the item. Controlled assets are any of the following items, costing between $500 and $4,999.99:
    1. Fax machines
    2. Telecopiers
    3. Stereo systems
    4. Cameras
    5. Video recorders
    6. Laser disk players (TV, VCR, Camcorders)
    7. Desktop computer
    8. Printers
    9. Laptop computers.

Contact the Purchasing office if you have questions regarding these procedures or for assistance with the DIR Store Website.