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Purchasing Department


There are several methods to address printing requirements:

Local Account-Delegated Departmental Purchases

  1. Copy and High Speed Duplication: Local account delegation is $3000 including shipping and handling charges. If the cost is expected to exceed $3000, a purchase requisition is required.
  2. Printing: All printing over $3,000 must be requisitioned through purchasing. For Business Cards, departmental stationary, and envelopes, there is a vendor contract in place to insure uniformity. Departments must use that vendor for these items. Contact Purchasing for information.

Printing Intended for External Publication

The University of Houston-Victoria is protective of the professional and public relations image conveyed through documents prepared for external distribution. This includes schedules, brochures, letterheads, and business cards. The Coordinator of Public Relations has the responsibility to review external documents for form and content prior to printing. Requirement in compliance with UHV Policy A-42, Communications and Marketing.

Printing vs. Copying

There is a difference between traditional "printing" and copying reproduction services. Copying is duplication done on high speed copiers from a paper copy. Off-set printing involves the use of a printing press and usually involves larger quantities, special or unusually-sized papers and raised or embossed lettering that cannot be done with a copier.

State Appropriated Funds

Section 21 of the Texas Constitution requires all printing to be competitively bid when using State Appropriated Funds. Therefore, three bids must be obtained regardless of the dollar amount. A requisition must be prepared in advance and submitted to Purchasing.

State Contracts

There are various State of Texas term contracts for printing. Usually the contracts offer excellent pricing. Turnaround time is usually 30 days from the date the vendor seceives the purchase order from the State. State contract orders must be requisitioned through Purchasing. State of Texas Term Contracts Index

Overruns and underruns

The University of Houston - Victoria will pay for no more than five percent over the requested quantity unless an amended purchase order is issued through the purchasing department. Full count is always expected.

Overruns in excess of five percent will be considered a no-charge donation to the University and the total printing cost will be adjusted to the allowable overage based upon the original net cost prorated.