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Purchasing Department

Confirming Requisitions

Departmental Purchasers cannot obligate the University, beyond their delegated authority, by ordering goods or services prior to proper requisitioning and issuance of a purchase order. Departmental Purchasers must ensure that the necessary requisition/purchase order is created before the goods or services are ordered from any vendor. Once the Purchasing Department has issued a purchase order to the vendor the University may not pay any amount in excess of the agreed upon amount, unless the purchase order has been amended in writing.

Although it is acceptable for a department to place orders within its delegated authority, it is a violation of University policy for a department to place an order that exceeds its delegated authority, creating an unauthorized university obligation. That is why it is important for delegated purchasers to know what authority they do have, to know or have a good estimate of shipping or other charges will be in advance and, to know exactly the cost of the actual goods or services. Without this knowledge, the delegated purchaser is in danger of exceeding their purchasing authority and violating University policy.

A confirming requisition generally occurs when a department places an order that exceeds its delegated authority and the department then submits a requisition to the Purchasing Department for issuance of a formal purchase order to confirm and/or document the order.

Confirming requisitions are allowed only in very limited circumstances and only with the advance review and approval of the Purchasing Department. If the department's request is considered justifiable or in the best interests of the University, Purchasing will e-mail written approval to the department to proceed with the order and then to follow up with a confirming requisition.

Upon receipt of unauthorized confirming requisitions, Purchasing will return those requisitions to the department unprocessed. Unauthorized purchases, in accordance with UH policy are the responsibility of the individual that has acted without proper authority.

An approved confirming requisition should have the following wording in the body of the requisition so that Purchasing will not issue a duplicate order:


Confirming order placed on (DATE) by (PERSON PLACING ORDER) with (VENDOR CONTACT), at which time prices and delivery were verified.