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University of Houston - Victoria

Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost

2010-11 Institutional Annual Plan

UHV Core Values

  • Academic excellence accessible to a diverse community.
  • Continuous improvement and responsiveness to emerging issues.
  • Freedom of inquiry and expression of truth in a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and teamwork.
  • The highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability.

Standing Goals

Goal 1:
Teaching and Learning UHV will provide high-quality instruction and learning support in selected degree programs, with emphasis upon outreach, collaboration, and responsiveness to the needs of local and international communities.

Goal 2:
Research, External Grant Funding, and Scholarly Activities UHV will contribute through research and scholarly activities to the advancement of knowledge in academic fields of inquiry, in teaching and learning, and in professional communities--commensurate with UHV’s mission. This goal includes an increase in the number and amount of externally funded grants.

Goal 3:
Community Engagement and Partnerships UHV will help to serve the regional community’s need for access to information resources, professional expertise, and continuing non-credit education; it will collaborate with other educational, entrepreneurial, governmental, and non-profit entities in promoting the educational, economic, and cultural development of the region. Service learning opportunities will integrate community service into the curriculum, providing opportunities for student civic engagement and faculty research.

Goal 4:
Enrollment Management and Student Services UHV will optimally shape the size and characteristics of the student body to ensure diversity and reflect the needs of the global leaders of tomorrow, with an emphasis on student access and success, and student participation through athletics, student organizations and academic success initiatives.

Goal 5:
Financial and Administrative Support Services UHV will demonstrate efficient and accountable stewardship of fiscal, human, and physical resources in its efforts to meet educational needs, to comply with oversight authorities, and to maintain public trust.

Goal 6:
University Advancement and Development UHV will complement public support of the institution with private support; will provide accurate and timely information to institutional constituencies; and will maintain positive visibility within the regional and alumni communities.

Goal 7:
Planning, Assessment, and Accountability UHV will maintain systematic processes for planning and budgeting, for institutional and employee assessment, and for professional development--with the intention of ensuring competitiveness, of improving effectiveness, and of complying with the mandates of the UH System, state legislature, Coordinating Board, and regional accrediting association. UHV will strive for greater accountability to stakeholders and increased transparency.

Goal 8:
Growth and Program Expansion UHV endeavors to become a comprehensive, destination university through the inclusion of freshmen and sophomores (downward expansion), as well as through the development of doctoral programs (upward expansion), as needed to continue to meet the needs of the surrounding communities.