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University Committees

Core Curriculum Committee


The Committee shall consist of all full-time faculty teaching core curriculum courses and a representative from each of the academic schools not teaching core courses. The school representatives will be elected annually by the faculty of each school. The chair of the committee will be elected annually by its members.

Reports to:

Faculty Senate Committee


  • Review school policies and procedures for core course design and assessment
  • Advise schools and individual core faculty on alignment of course-level learning objectives with state-mandated standard learning objectives.
  • Advise schools and individual core faculty on assessment of student learning outcomes in compliance with external mandates.
  • Facilitate dissemination and discussion of best practices in general-education pedagogy.
  • Address concerns of core faculty and make appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Senate.
  • Review proposals submitted to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee for adding, deleting, or changing courses in the University of Houston-Victoria core curriculum and recommend approval or disapproval to the Faculty Senate.
  • Louie Ren - School of Business Administration
  • Yong Glasure – School of Business Administration
  • Barba Patton – School of Education and Human Development
  • Estella DeLosSantos – School of Education and Human Development
  • Justin Bell - School of Arts & Sciences
  • Jennifer Ortiz Garza - School of Arts & Sciences
  • Craig Goodman - School of Arts & Sciences
  • Ricardo Texeira - School of Arts & Sciences

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