Academic Council Meeting Minutes-December 2, 2009


Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. Holly Verhasselt

Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo

Dr. Farhang Niroomand

Dr. Kathryn Tart

Ms. Trudy Wortham

Ms. Carolyn Mallory

Dr. Denee Thomas

Mr. Joe Ferguson

Dr. Cindy Schnebly

Dr. Joe Dahlstrom

Dr. Mary Natividad (attending for Dr. Lawrence Rossow)



I.                   Review of Minutes-November 18, 2009 meeting

Minutes were approved as circulated.


II.                General


A.     Downward Expansion

Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque informed the group that Dr. Hudson, Mr. Wayne Beran and Ms. Chari Norgard are attending a specially called UH Board of Regents meeting today to address the purchase of a building for Fall 2010 freshman housing.


B.     Enrollment Management

                                                                          i.      Admissions-Trudy Wortham

Ms. Wortham informed the group that as of this morning UHV has 122 freshman applications.  The Admissions office is currently working on converting high school GPAs. She also noted that they are adding a dynamic question to the freshman application inquiring if the applicant is applying to multiple institutions.

Ms. Wortham reported that the number of students currently registered for spring 2010 is at 1,748, which is 44.6% ahead of this time last year.


Dr. Kathryn Tart shared with the group the admission process called “evidence based admissions” that the School of Nursing is in the process of completing for the 2nd Degree Fast Track Program.  They had a total of 277 applicants and of those, 77 were selected to be interviewed. The interview process consisted of the students, in groups of 25, being placed in a computer lab and each student had to answer one interview question by email.  The responses were then evaluated by using a rubric that included the reflective thinking, writing skills, and the technical ability of the student.  After this process, they selected 48 of the 77.


Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo noted that the School of Arts & Sciences admission numbers are up 36%.


                                                                        ii.      Financial Aid-Carolyn Mallory

Ms. Mallory reported that $8.4 million in scholarships have been awarded for fall 2010.  Currently, there are 1, 979 students receiving financial aid at UHV.  The current total of Financial Aid given in Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 is $16.9 million.  Approximately 60% to 65% of UHV students receive financial aid.

Ms. Mallory noted that she, Dr. Denee Thomas, and Ms. Chari Norgard are meeting to talk about the Campaign Victoria funds.  She also informed the group that the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee will be meeting to work on getting certain processes routinely scheduled to assist the Student Success and Enrollment department in fielding calls from students.


Dr. Kathryn Tart inquired about the status of the setting up of mid-term progress reports.


Ms. Wortham noted that the process is still being discussed.


                                                                      iii.      LEAD-Dr. Denee Thomas

Dr. Suzanne complimented LEAD on the presentation they did at the President’s Cabinet meeting.  Dr. Thomas noted that she has been looking over student applications and they have received 44 from the Houston area, 20 from the San Antonio area, 3 from Laredo, 8 from Corpus Christi, 25 from the Valley, and 17 from the “donut” area.  Her staff is attempting to track methods that are most effective for student recruitment.

Dr. Thomas informed the group that there will be more visitors on campus. The Victoria ISD AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) group contacted her and arranged a campus visit for Monday, December 14th , from 9:00 to 2:00 in the Multipurpose room in the Center Building.   She invited the Deans and Administrators to stop by and visit with the visiting students.

Dr. Thomas noted that LEAD and Student Recruitment is able to recruit students locally through the   2 + 2 arrangement with Victoria College. She also informed everyone that LEAD and Student Recruitment participated in “College Night” hosted by Victoria College.



C.     Information Technology-Mr. Joe Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson informed the council that Windows 7 performance it better and they are going to upgraded one of the computer labs to Windows 7.  IT will test it and if all goes well, in January they will start installing it on faculty and staff computers.

Mr. Ferguson also shared that Skillport is now available.  Skillport is a set of free online courses, which UH uses for remedial training.  It also has 4,000 to 5,000 free online books that are available. Students are able to use this system, if their course book is one of those available, instead of buying books.


Dr. Joe Dahlstrom asked if the books were site licensed and are able to have multiple users.


Mr. Ferguson affirmed that they were and they also have limited the number of pages a student can print within a single book.


Mr. Chris Buford did not have any Black Board updated at this time.


D.     Provost Office Updates-Dr. Holly Verhasselt

Dr. Verhasselt reported that Dr. Tong-Ai Zhang and the University Survey Committee developed an “in house” student opinion survey.  They have posted it online and the response rate so far has doubled from the response rate at the last administration. They will close the survey on December 10th.


Dr. Jeffery Di Leo suggested she bring the survey to the next Academic Council meeting.


Dr. Verhasselt informed the group that the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) results have come in.  After meeting with Dr. Hudson and other administrators to review the initial results, she is working on materials that will be disseminated to faculty, staff and students that will summarize the results.   


Dr. Mary Natividad asked if the survey is for undergraduate or graduate students. 


Dr. Verhasselt said the survey is for undergraduate students. Normally it would be for freshman and seniors. UHV sent it to the seniors in Spring 2009, and the survey is administered every other year.  Freshmen will be surveyed during the next administration of the NSSE during the 2010-2011 academic year.


Dr. Verhasselt reported that the 5th year Interim Report Committee is meeting weekly and their goal is to have the draft of the sections completed by January 1, 2010.



E.     Library-Dr. Joe Dahlstrom

Dr. Dahlstrom handed out a flyer for the upcoming summer Korean War Conference taking place June 24-26, 2010 at Victoria College. He also announced that the library hired Laurie Neuerburg as their new Catalog Librarian and she will start January 4th.


F.      Presidents Office Updates-Dr. Margret Rice

Dr. Rice announced that the President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting will take place in the multipurpose room on December 9, 2009.  She also requested that if anyone had any ideas or suggestions on how we could improve the Commencement Ceremony to accommodate our growth, to please share them with her.  UHV will have 400 graduates at the Commencement on December 12, which is the largest ever.


G.    Other



III.             Specific


A.     Student Issues

1.      None


B.     Consent Calendar/Faculty Development Grant Requests and Reports

1.       Approved an additional amount of $139.78 to be added Dr. Jun-Yeon Lee’s FY10 conference grant that was originally for $997.84, due to a higher lodging expense, to present at the INFORMS Annual Conference in San Diego, CA on October 11-14, 2009. 

2.       Approved an FY10 conference grant in the amount of $984.39 for Dr. Mary Natividad to present at the 21st Annual National Youth At-Risk Conference in Savannah, GA on February 28-March 3, 2010.

3.       Approved an FY10 conference grant in the amount of $1102.99 for Dr. Marie Stern Plemons to present at the 21st Annual National Youth At-Risk Conference in Savannah, GA on February 28-March 3, 2010.


As recorded by,

Tessa Naff